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2022-07-16 Photos. On the C182 the tail tiedown ring is missing. No other damage observed.

2022-07-14 Photos. On the C182 the spring on this latch is broken. And subsequently the cover is now damaged too.

2022-07-12 Photos. I put a DIY Maker bike pannier together using a Tidy Cats kitty litter bucket.

2022-03-26 Photos. Upon re-assembly it was found that the camshaft lobe was rough. Must be sent to the machine shop now.

2022-02-02 Photos We had a big dump of beautiful, light, fluffy, Colorado powder snow!

2021-10-13 Photos The first flight after completing the exhaust repair turned up excessive oil leaking. And I do mean excessive. Inspection found a crack in the crank case. The engine has now been removed for repair.

2021-05-17 Photos It's Cessna C140 Redbird Annual Inspection time again. Just a few snapshots I took of the day. I should have taken more photos!

2020-04-10 Photos Our hydraulic brake line in the 1946 Cessna C140 is leaking. And so we are working on fixing it.

2019-03-26 Photos LibrePlanet takes me to Boston again this year. First I went to Sharon to work at a client site. Then to Boston where Sue joined me for LibrePlanet. Then Sue and I vacationed through New York City for two days for a very fast but dense sight seeing trip.

2019-01-06 Photos My hangar door lift motor pulley lost the shaft key from the keyway. The shaft would spin on the pulley instead of lifting the door. This made a terrible sound and destroyed the inside of the pulley bore hole elongating it into an egg shape.

2018-10-03 Photos Driving home from the Denver Tech Center after replacing a failed disk drive in a RAID at a client site my left rear tire blew out! It really shredded the tire. While pulling over I saw the complete ring of tread roll by my left side! Here is the story and a few photos.

2018-06-09 Photos Bill and I fly the C140 Redbird to the 100th Glenn Miller Fly-In at Fort Morgan.

2018-03-07 Photos Ray and I do some needed maintenance on the KFLY Meadow Lake Airport weather cameras.

2016-12-29 Photos Keith, Sue and I snowshoe Joe Wright trail. Just a few quick snapshots.

2016-10-22 Photos Bob armors up to do battle with the wasp infestation.

2016-08-19 Photos My kitchen sink clogged up and created an unexpected plumbing project.

2016-07-17 Photos It has been several years since the last time we were at the Renaissance Fair. Time to go again. Sue and I went with Keith and Grace. Of course Sue and I dressed up for it. It was a good time.

2016-02-18 Photos We are back! It was quite the trip. Had good food. Had bad food. It was like being in a whole different country! Had an excellent time visiting with my college buddy Raj in Kuala Lumpur. Three weeks working in Penang. Two weeks vacationing in Cambodia visiting the temples and markets, bicycling from Siem Reap to Phnom Penh through to Vietnam and up to Saigon. The traffic in Saigon was amazing.

2016-01-04 Photos We are off on a trip to Southeast Asia for the next couple of months. On the trip agenda is four weeks in Malaysia and two weeks bicycling from Cambodia to Vietnam. I will be working for three of those weeks in Penang with the rest being vacation time.

2015-12-15 Photos The first big snow of the year!

2015-12-07 Photos Just a pretty sunset seen from working on 48U in the big hangar.

2015-11-27 Photos Another two monitors failed due to bad capacitors. Fortunately this is easily repaired by replacing the caps with good ones. A trip to the local parts store and a quick remove and replace and those are both working again.

2015-09-17 Photos Photos of bad upholstery in 82H.

2015-09-12 Photos Photos of our recent trip to Yellowstone. Five of us had a great amount of fun flying out in two airplanes.

2015-09-16 Photos Problems with my C182 door handle.

2015-09-07 Photos Jer needed a ride to Crop Air to pick up a J3 to ferry back to Missouri. I snapped a few photos while accompanying on the flight.

2015-09-06 Photos Fly-Ins! Dirt strip Fly-Ins! I was able to take the C140 around to a few of the local dirt strips for fly-ins this holiday weekend. Including Mel's Jackrabbit strip! An awesome fun flying weekend.

2015-07 Photos Oshkosh! Last year was so much fun. We have gone to Oshkosh again for the annual EAA fly-in. This is the world's largest aviation fly-in convention. More than 100,000 people attend every day. More than 10,000 aircraft arrive for the event. And someone needs to help get them parked. When we go we always volunteer with vintage parking.

2015-07-15 Photos Found a huge birds nest in mom's old car in KC. It hasn't been started in a year. After cleaning out the bird's nest and connecting the battery the engined started right up.

2015-05-25 Photos Saw a bear on the road west of Kremmling. This is a terrible picture. Just a big ball of fur. When we first saw him he was sitting in the middle of the road. Then he took off into the brush and was gone.

2015-05-24 Photos John was asked to organize a Memorial Day fly-by. As is usual about these things there were problems with mechanicals and scheduling conflicts. In the end we had only three aircraft and that was only if I flew my C140 with the C182 and C206. That is a stretch of differences but it worked out well. Thanks for Cary for getting some awesome pictures of the fly-over from the ground!

2015-05-22 Photos Practicing for a Missing Man formation fly-by.

2015-05-02 Photos Rode in a local bike tour graciously hosted by Experience Plus who does a wonderful job of international bike tours. We rode with them through Germany, Austria, Slovakia, Hungry in 2013. They are based out of Fort Collins. Today was just a fun ride. From doorstep to doorstep it was 50.3 miles (80.9 km) clockwise around Fort Collins including a route up Bingham Hill! I also had a leaky back tire today. I had to stop and pump it up twice. But didn't need to patch it. Need to chase down the leak before the next ride. Today was a fun ride!

2015-04-28 Photos Ed and I strip and debug the avionics in N3448U.

2015-04-12 Photos Another trip to climb the tower and change out antennas for the radio links. Still trying ot improve the pesky airport link.

2014-09-24 Photos Don introduces me to the Glendo WY airport. We fly up in his C206 for lunch and an excursion there.

2014-07-25 Photos The fun at Oshkosh continues when Sue and Marc catch up to me at Portage and they we continue the flight into Oshkosh itself. I can't describe how much fun this was!

2014-07-24 Photos Everyone should fly a vintage taildragger to the EAA AirVenture Fly-In at Oshkosh! This was finally my year to do it.

2014-06-24 Photos Some friends rented a vacation house in Glennwood Springs. My powerful mountain goat Cessna R172K of an airplane was in Idaho with another owner. I decided I would fly my C140 to Glennwood. This was quite the challenge! But a very fun trip. Here are photos from being there. Here are photos from the trip back. Photos.

2014-06-24 Photos We were hit with a massive hailstorm tonight. Wow! Ping pong ball sized hail. Larger than quarter sized. Just shy of golf ball sized hail. All of the trees and plants are stripped. No grapes for us this year. Everything is pounded flat. Day 2 photos of things today.

2014-04-12 Photos My desktop power supply fan finally died. I took everything apart so that I could repair it. I had a fan of the right square size but it was too thick to fit in the power supply case. So I finagled a hack to work around it until I could get an appropriately sized replacement.

2014-02-16 Photos Another year up on the mountain hut trip. This time it was Broome Hut.

2013-08-26 Photos Europe!

2013-08-26 Photos After years of trying to get a good picture of the raccoons we finally got a good picture of this latest generation.

2013-08-17 Photos Biked from Fort Collins to Greeley, had a leisurely lunch, then biked and back. At 63 miles (100km) is now my longest bike day. A metric century!

2013-07-24-Salida Photos Flew to Salida to install a computer in the office for the weather camera project. Bill Cherry came along for the fun of it. This was a single picture showing the office there. It is quite the place! We stopped off in Buena Vista for lunch and almost got trapped by a storm. Was good to launch off though as hail was moving into the area. Made a long diversion way north and then around Cameron Pass to get back home. Fun day.

2013-05-24 Photos Our factory engine for N7390K has arrived at the shop. Nothing exciting for anyone else. Just a crate with a very expensive engine in it.

2013-07-18 Photos Pictures of an unexpected stop in Chicago while we waited for Angel Flight passengers to arrive. We made use of the delay by visiting the gardens there. They were beautiful. But it was very hot there.

2013-07-06 Photos The annual Granby Fly-In. I took the C140 this year! It was my second trip over the divide. I was concerned about density altitude and so I went solo in the Redbird. Sue took the C182 with Brenda and John took the R172K and we all met up there. Fun day. Even better was the arrival. Ahead of me was a Piper Cherokee. They motioned him to move off to far parking. Then me. I could see some discussion on the radios among the ground handlers. And then they motioned for me. The split the crowd at show center and motioned for me to come straight in. I got passed through four handlers and was parked in the front and center! One of the perks of flying a pretty vintage airplane. Sue was behind me in the C182. She got motioned to park in at the east edge as far from anything as possible! That was very funny. I opened my doors so that the crowd could look inside. That is less usual but I like people to be able to get a good look. People are generally careful and I have never had a problem. And then I had an endless line of visitors coming through! Fun day.

2013-07-04 Photos Party preparation at Rob's.

2013-06-30 Photos Made it to the Renaissance Festival fair this year. It has been several years since we have been. We should go more often. It is always such a good time. This year we watched the jousting.

2013-06-28 Photos Went flying with Ken Anderson. He is one of those rare born in the saddle pilots who even though he hasn't flown regularly for a while he is still better than the plane's owner.

2013-06-22 Photos Bill Cherry and I fly the C140 out to the annual Fort Morgan Fly-In. It is always a fun time. I opened my doors in the C140. I sat kids in the plane with a headset for pictures. As you might imagine that ended up with a long line of kids to sit in the airplane. I did nothing else for an hour or so. So no pictures of me or the C140 there. Sue and Brenda flew out in the C182 and I think they got some pictures. Good time.

2013-06-15 Photos Keith, Sue and I spent the weekend up at Keystone biking around Lake Dillon and Breckenridge. We went 42 miles and 1900 feet of elevation climb. So took it easy the next day with only 22 miles.

2013-06-06 Photos The new factory reman engine is back and now hung on the nose of N7390K.

2013-05-27 Photos Another awesome year flying in for the annual Reed Intl Fly-In. Flew in with co-owner Doug Tabor in the C140. Then flew several young eagles there.

2013-05-24 Photos Our Continental factory new reman engine shows up in the crate at the mechanic's shop at FNL. Soon to be hung on the nose of N7390K and we will be flying again!

2013-05-18 Photos Flying Young Eagles in my 1946 Cessna C140 at the Fort Collins Loveland Airport on Saturday, May 18th, 2013. I flew 7 Young Eagle kids. There were 47 kids flown total by everyone. If they had their own camera then we used it for pictures. If not then I tried to get pictures of them. I didn't get pictures of all of them but did get pictures of a few of them that didn't have their own cameras.

2013-05-11 Photos Sue, Bob and Keith Biking around Longmont.

2013-05-01 Photos I really thought we were done with the late snows! But here we are with another snow on May 1st! I am worried for the trees. They started to bud out just this week. The earlier snows weren't a problem. This one might cause some tree damage. I will go out and shake what I can in just a little bit. The snow is still falling. It didn't feel like we got anywhere near this much snow during the winter part of the season!

2013-04-23 Photos I thought we were done with the late snows! I guess not. Climate change is really heating things up and causing strange weather extremes.

2013-04-22 Photos I don't know why but I have always found it fun to park up on parking lot snow piles. This parking space would otherwise not be useful to most urban cars so I feel like by using it that I am freeing up a good space for someone else next to it. There hadn't been enough snow yet this entire winter for me to do this yet. I had to wait until April to finally have some fun in the snow.

2013-04-17 Photos Snowmagedon Day Three! Wow. Three days of heavy snow! Can I use more exclamation points! Maybe! This is most unusual weather. I would say it is like December but the snow wasn't as heavy in December.

2013-04-16 Photos The engine on my Cessna R172K is coming off for the engine overhaul. Dave has started unbolting everything and putting all of the accessories onto the shelves for the overhaul.

2013-04-16 Photos Another snow day! A lull between storms and we could shovel out. But then the second act of the storms has hit and we have another coating of snow.

2013-04-15 Photos Snow day! A late spring snow has covered everything with heavy wet gloopy layer of snow.

2013-04-01 Photos Was downtown and saw some folks pulling an April Fool's prank on someone. Post-it notes covering their car. Plastic wrap over everything to keep it all from blowing away in the wind and rain.

2013-03-30 Photos The Banana Bag Experiment. Put half the bananas into a plastic bag and wait three days. Note that the bananas outside the bag are looking much more brown than the ones in the bag.

2013-02-24 Photos Unedited photo dump.

2012-12-24 Photos Sue has two stitches where a benign basal cell was removed.

2012-11-04 Photos Jer was taking two friends over to Kremmlng for lunch in his C206. I decided I would fly over in the C140 and join them for lunch. Had a nice lunch at the Moose in Kremmling. Then Jer talked me into touring over to Leadville. Leadville! 10,000 in the C140! I have been there many times in 90K. The weather was good so off I went. It was a a little windy but steady and that made for good predictable lift. A good day for a mountain flight in the C140. I liked this but had too many pictures so put together a highlight set with just the good pictures.

2012-10-19 Photos Keith, Sue and I took a Halloween "Ghost Tour" of Longmont. It was fun.

2012-09-16 Photos Installing the town side of the radio link. I was up to the top of the 32 foot ladder. Actually it was up and down and up and down at least a few times. But it all went surprisingly well

2012-09-15 Photos Boom lift day at Bill's farm.

2012-08-11 Photos For the annual fly-in to Marble on the second weekend of September, Sue had only flown in as a passenger with Bob. But this year Sue wanted to take her plane which frees up Bob's plane for another partner who wanted it, so Bob and Sue will go to the fly-in in Sue's Cessna... which means Sue should go practice there first with a locally experienced instructor, like JohnM who graciously agreed to take the day to instruct. Since we already had to get permission to fly into the private strip for this practice day, Bob figured it would be fun to go up there too in his Cessna with RandyB another mountain instructor, and Jer/ came along too with Bob and Doug. Doug's photos from the day including some nice video. FIXME: I still need to link in the videos.

2012-08-05 Photos Hiked Mount Quandary. Another easy 14'ner. Weather was perfect.

2012-07-22 Photos Climbed Mount Bierstadt, an easy 14'ner. Weather was perfect.

2012-07-15 Photos This week we went up to Rocky Mountain National Park and hiked up to Chasm Lake. The Chasm Lake hike is one of my favorite hikes anywhere. It is simply beautiful. That hike starts at 9,400 feet MSL and then is 4.2 miles up to 11,800 feet MSL. It takes us about 5.5 hours round trip from start to finish and leaving time to hang out up at the lake.

2012-07-10 Photos Spent the day working a gig installing weather cameras at the Meadowlake airport. It was a fun day. Except that I missed getting sunscreen on the back of my neck. Very sunburned.

2012-07-03 Photos I needed to remove the extra two camera mounts from the AvSpec shop roof so that they could be reused on another site. While there I took some pictures of the view for reference later.

2012-07-07 Photos The Pancake Breakfast Fly-In at Granby is always fun. They usually have a good turnout with a lot of airplanes flying in. I was going to fly in with my C140 but the weather was too poor. Instead Sue and I took her C182 and John and Ed took the R172 so we did get in there this year. And because of the low attendance we were in show center with a lot of people who wanted to sit in our plane and talk about flying. It was a grand time! So much that we didn't get out until lunch time so headed over to the Barnstormer over in Greeley. Then back home where Sue flew one of the official photographers for the B-17, B-24, and P-51 visiting there.

2012-06-25 Photos A big hail and rain storm came through and tickled a leak in our roof. Water came pouring down through the bathroom ceiling.

2012-06-23 Photos It is another fly-in to the Fort Morgan airport for the Glenn Miller Days. The Lyon's Club always provides a really good pancake breakfast for $6. Cool folks and hot aircraft aircraft.

2012-03-18 Photos My monitors were hit with the bad capacitor problem . One has been dead for a while. But then the second one died off just the other day while I was using it! It had been hard starting for a while. But then there I was using it and it just faded away. No amount of power cycling could revive it. Time to fix it. Actually it is time to fix two of them. This is actually a mix of both repairs. The end of the first one and the start of the second one.

2012-02-10 Photos Photos of the hut trip. This is the Harry Gates Hut near Basalt one of the 10th Mountain Division Huts. Trimmed down to just the highlights. I wanted something more concise to share with friends.

2012-02-10 Photos Photos of the hut trip. This is the Harry Gates Hut near Basalt one of the 10th Mountain Division Huts. This is the full set of pictures.

2011-10-26 Photos An early winter storm in Colorado dumped a lot of wet heavy snow on the trees around our yard. One quite large limb came down in our back yard. Another is resting against the house roof. That is a good thing because otherwise I am sure that limb would have come down too. A large limb across the street broke and is hanging. One moment this morning it looked fine and the next look it was hanging. The poor little apple tree in the back is really bent to the ground.

2011-09-10 Photos We were able to go to the annual Marble Fly-In again this year. It was much warmer this year too. Last year we woke up with ice on our tent. Brrr! But this year the weather was quite pleasant.

2011-08-13 Photos Unsorted photos from our KC trip to visit Dan and Jan and Lauri.

2011-09-04 Photos Yet another, yet another beautiful hike through Rocky Mountain National Park. Today we hiked ten miles up to Ouzel Lake.

2011-08-28 Photos Yet another beautiful hike through Rocky Mountain National Park. Today we hiked nine miles up to Sandbeach Lake.

2011-08-21 Photos Another beautiful hike through Rocky Mountain National Park. Today we hiked ten miles up to Glass Lake.

2011-05-27 Photos I was stung by a yellow jacket wasp. Again! On my right foot. Again! The same foot as I was stung on last August. But this time I was stung when I stepped on the yellow jacket wasp while IN THE SHOWER!

2011-02-18 Photos Francie's Cabin! Some friends go on a “Hut Trip” up to one of the Colorado 10th Mountain Division huts every year. I have never been on any of the previous years but had always wanted to go. This year I was chatting with Doug in REI and talking about trips and was invited to go with the group this year. I have been putting a trip like this off for way too long. This was the eyar to go! The link is to Sue's travel log about our trip. I also have pictures from Alan too.

2011-01-31 Photos We are heading up to Francie's Cabin up near Breckenridge soon. Coming back from Gypsum we stopped by the trailhead to see how parking would be there. Sometimes it can be pretty busy. But it looks like we will do okay this year. These are just a few pictures of the trailhead parking lot so that the group going up can see what to expect when they get there. Nothing too exciting but hopefully useful for the upcoming trip.

2011-01-30 Photos The group of friend's annual Burns Night get together was up in Gypsum Colorado this year. Keith found an awesome house for rent and the dozen of us piled into it.

2011-01-28 Photos Heading up to Gypsum we stop at to snowshoe up Ten Mile Creek trail near Frisco. Notable additions to trek this trip was George giving us a Russion flavor, at least by the attire. :-)

2011-01-23 Photos Snowshoeing up to Zimmerman Lake. And on the way we up ran into friends from Larimer County Search and Rescue coming down. (Hi Steve!) They had snowcaved up there the night before while doing training. Of course we had to check out their caves and grade them appropriately! I am looking forward to my next snowcave trip now.

2011-01-16 Photos This was my non-snowshoe, snowshoe trip. Dave, Patty, Sue and I went up to Rocky Mountain National Park to snowshoe up the Fern Falls and Cub Lake trail. But I had pulled an all-nighter the night before working on a project and so decided to sleep instead. I stretched out in the back of the car and snoozed pleasantly while the rest hiked up the trail.

2011-01-08 Photos The group of us snowshoed up to Loch Vale in Rocky Mountain National Park. It was in the park and so quite busy. But we want to make use of our pass while we have it. We got off trail and so I actually had to put my snow shoes on for this hike.

2010-12-26 Photos It was such a warm day for the end of December in what should normally be the middle of winter that Sue and I had to go hike someplace. It has really been warm here this winter. We went up the usual Horsetooth trail since that is so conveniently close to home.

2010-12-24 Photos Dave and Patty and Sue and I went snowshoeing up in Rocky Mountain National Park. We hiked up to Bierstadt Lake and back and then over to Nymph Lake and Dream Lake. Both from the Bear Lake trailhead.

2010-11-07 Photos It has been a while but we did get back to hiking. This week we went up to Rocky Mountain National Park and hiked up to Lawn Lake.

2010-09-25 Photos It is Saturday and so of course Sue has organized another hiking day above 14,000 feet somewhere in Colorado! For today's hike we planned on hiking up Mount Quandary. This is just outside of Breckenridge. When we started in the morning it was 32F and frosty and we were bundled up. By afternoon we were in shorts and it was 80F and quite warm. That is typical Colorado weather! A lot of extremes. But it is definitely getting colder as the season progresses into Autumn. Quandary Peak is at 14,265 feet.

2010-09-18 Photos Yet another Saturday hike up to a fourteener. Today we hiked up to the peaks of Grays and Torreys. This is a pair of peaks that are quite close together. The trail is easy and these can easily be hiked in a day. You can hike up to the top of one and then hike down and up to the other one. Grays Peak is 14,270 feet and Torreys Peak is 14,267.

2010-09-11 Photos The Marble Colorado fly-in is a yearly event that many pilots look forward to every year. But we had never gone. This year everything came together and we were destined to go. So we went! The elevation is 7,800 feet MSL which isn't too high and the length of the strip is 3,800 feet long which isn't too short. But it is in a mountain valley and so the weather is always a strong factor. I had flown into there once before ten years ago but had not been back for a decade. For our first trip into Marble for the fly-in the weather was perfect. Our flight from Fort Collins was in crystal clear air with a few misty clouds over the mountain lakes. It was simply a gorgous trip over! And of course we had our camera, carefully packed in our baggage and completely inaccessible! But we ended up taking enough pictures all total that this is okay. Jer's photos. Hopefully John's photos soon too.

2010-09-04 Photos Sue dragged me up on another hike today. It was Mount Bierstadt today. This one is 14,060 feet but actually one of the easier ones. So just a long hike today. With a very large amount of UP associated with it! And the weather today was cold and windy up top. I had all of my gear on and so it was fine. And then hot and sweaty in the valley on the drive back. That is Colorado for you, a lot of weather extremes.

2010-08-25 Photos I flew to Durango again to hang out with the crew. Sue was working a CAP exercise there and so gives me an excuse for the trip. I had my camera but didn't get any pictures because I had left my camera memory card at home. These are Sue's pictures of the trip.

2010-08-29 Photos Sue and I hike up Round Mountain Trail, Larimer County. This continues the summer hiking tradition. A beautiful day!

2010-08-22 Photos Dave and Patty and Sue and I hike Flattop Mountain and up to Hallett Peak. Flattop is at 12,324 feet above sea level. Last time I was up on it the weather was quite foggy and we couldn't see anything. Today the weather was very nice and we were on top of the world.

2010-08-18 Photos Sue grabbed some quick pictures of a couple of deer while we were walking up the trail to Horsetooth Rock.

2010-08-15 Photos Summer hike of Montgomery Pass and Zimmerman Lake. We have been up here many times in the winter on snowshoes but never been here in the summer time. My foot was almost completely recovered from the wasp sting two days before.

2010-08-13 Photos On Thursday as I was walking out the front door of my house I was stung by a wasp. I had just closed the door behind me. I turned and took two steps forward and BAM! I had a yellow jacket wasp on the top of my foot stinging me. This was VERY PAINFUL. I didn't want to smash down on it because I was worried about that putting more venom into me. I did a frantic dance shaking my foot and eventually got it off. Wow those yellow jackets can really hit hard!

2010-07-23 Photos The C140 Redbird engine arrives back from the overhaul shop!

2010-05-12 Photos The C140 Redbird engine crated and ready for shipping out to the engine shop for an overhaul.

2010-04-29 Photos A late snow caused our pretty tulips to be sad and droop today.

2010-01-11 Photos A late season snow cave trip to Cameron Pass. Sue and Bob and friends Alan and John go up for a late season snow cave trip.

2010-01-11 Photos After removing the cylinders from the engine the cams show too much wear. Unfortunately this is going to be much more than just "top" overhaul. This is going to require a full engine overhaul.

2010-01-02 Photos Unfortunately my C140 engine “ate a valve”. Jer was flying it at the time. Fortunately he was in the pattern when it happened and simply made a normal landing. This is a different cylinder than before. This was the left rear cylinder.

2009-10-10 Photos The C140's annual inspection was all good except for one cylinder with poor compression. The intake valve was the problem. The cylinder has been removed and is now off at the machine shop. This was the right front cylinder.

2009-10-01 Photos Sue is in Bonanza heaven. We are out in Santa Maria for a Bonanza Pilot Proficiency Program clinic. This is the view out our hotel window. The hotel is *on* the airport. The slip to fill out for your vehicle asks for the number of your "car/aircraft".

2009-09-20 Photos On the second day of the race competition. Third day of race for us. We worked the finish controls of Sage Creek and then did both a start and finish on Elkhead Loop.

2009-09-19 Photos This was the first day of the race competition. Second day of race for us. We worked the finish controls in the Middle Cog. This was a sunny, hot, searing, dusty day.

2009-09-18 Photos Another year and another Rally Colorado! Sue and I are once again working a checkpoint crew for the Rally America National Rally Championship race. This was the first year that Sue and I worked the practice runs before the competition start. This was a very dusty day.

2009-07-15 Photos Flying from Lawrence Kansas to Lee's Summit Missouri I came near the beautiful grass runway at Vinland Valley Kansas. I just had to land on it. A very quiet place but with very friendly people, especially Star to took time out of her busy day to chat with me about the airport. Thanks Star! I hope I have spelled your name right!

2009-06-27 Photos The annual Glenn Miller Days fly-in to Fort Morgan airport. Lyon's Club provides a really good pancake breakfast for $5 and lots of way cool aircraft fly in. Sue captured the day in photos.

2009-06-22 Photos I spotted Ray taking his Champ N980F up for a flight. This was the airplane that I learned to fly in. I soloed off of a grass strip in this airplane. I have a lot of fond memories of flying this wonderful airplane.

2009-06-22 Photos Today at the Fort Collins Loveland airport a pilot was up with an instructor and was practicing take-offs and landings in a nice Piper Pacer. Unfortunately a groundloop occurred and the aircraft was substantially damaged.

2009-05-31 Photos Lauri has another opossum under her house. Cute critter.

2009-05-06 Photos The reason we were in Houston! Sue buys her Bonanza. She has been drooling over them for quite a long time. This one turned out to be the right one. N1541W is an A36 Beach Bonanza. Sue and I fly it back from Houston to Fort Collins. A nice plane.

2009-05-05 Photos Sue and I found ourselves in Houston and decided that it would be fun to tour the Houston Space Center. Truly an amazing piece of history.

2009-04-11 Photos Came back from Kansas City and a woodpecker had decided to move into our house. It had pecked a large hole into the side of the house over the window. Something needed to be done now. These are Sue's pictures of the hole patching. Ah the joys of being a home owner.

2009-03-01 Remote link off to Keith's to photos. We had one last chance for fun in the snow this year. We went up and were successful in building an igloo. Brian and family went up the next weekend to play and this is what they found then. Photo 1 and Photo 2.

2009-02-14 Photos I have been in Lee's Summitt MO for the past month helping mom. Sue decided to come out and visit for the weekend. The weather was winter and too poor to fly so she drove out for the weekend. Silly person!

2009-01-11 Photos Sue and I and Dave and Patty decided to tour the South Saint Vrain Trail between Lyons and Nederland. There isn't very much snow up there right now and so it was in and out of drifts but it was still fun.

2009-01-04 Photos Keith got a new toy! A device to help build igloos. So of course we had to play with it. Keith, Sue and I head up to Cameron Pass to play in the snow. It didn't work very well for us but this was the first time that we had ever tried to use it. Our biggest problems were getting the snow to pack down. We had a good amount of champagne powder. Great for skiing but not so good for building structures. But it was still a lot of fun.

2008-12-31 Photos A Cessna 210 Centurion suffered a complete engine failure and was forced to land off airport. I was flying the C140 Redbird with friend Rich. We heard the mayday call over the radio and responded to the distress call. They called that they were not going to make it to the runway and were going to be short. They decided to land on a road. This isn't generally a good idea. There were very nice fields on both sides for them to land in but those were bypassed to land on the road. But roads have road-signs and ditches and cars and power lines and many other hazards. This aircraft struck a sign with the left wing which swerved him left, hit another sign in the middle of the wing, swerving him more left, then hit another sign on the propeller and fuselage and inboard wing. The aircraft suffered significant damage. The occupants walked away unharmed.

2008-10-18 Photos The door latch on the C140 is broken. People have been rotating it backwards and it kinks up the aluminum strap. Eventually the strap breaks. The moral of the story is don't twist it backwards and stop other people from doing so.

2008-10-01 Photos The fuel tanks on the C140 need new host attachments. That means the tanks need to come out.

2008-09-27 Photos CAP TVCS glider day at Boulder BDU (aka 1v5).

2008-09-20 Photos George Janson took some pictures of me with the Red C140 at Platte Valley when George Robbert and I were there for CAP Aerospace Education date.

2008-09-13 Photos We again were volunteer staff at Rally Colorado. On the side of the road with a good crew of other volunteers with a stopwatch timing cars in through the event.

2008-08-28 Photos I bought a 1946 Cessna 140 taildragger! This is a wonderful airplane and a joy to fly. I have been wanting to own one for many years. I have almost 90 hours in different C140 airplanes over the years and have always liked them.

2008-08-22 Photos CAP Exercise at Jeffco.

2008-07-25 Photos Thinking of buying an airplane. A vintage 1946 Cessna 140.

2008-07-22 Photos Ken‘s Cessna 180 project.

2008-07-19 Photos Sue, myself and Wayne help out working rallye check points at a local rallye in Golden.

2008-07-07 Photos After nine years of absence I put in an appearance at the Owl Canyon Glider Port for their glider camp. It was a lot of fun.

2008-07-06 Photos Hiking Round Mountain Trail with Dave and Patty.

2008-05-23 Photos Ann was at ground zero for the Windsor tornado. While at work she took shelter and came through without harm. But her car is wrecked. She has had terrible bad luck with her cars through no fault of her own. The twister hit her car hard.

2008-05-20 Photos One of my co-owners was moving the airplane but didn't open the door. They put a good ding in the leading edge of the wing against the door.

2008-05-16 Photos Lauri finds a Opossum under her porch.

2008-01-09 Photos A nice getaway vacation week to Pagosa Springs.

2007-12-12 Photos. The time has finally come to replace our wood shake roof. I have been keeping a close eye on it every year. It has held up great. But very recently it has started to show signs of deteriation. I contracted with a roofing company to do the replacement. Of course it is winter and it has snowed but those crazy guys are used to the Colorado weather and are going to work through it!

2007-10-31 Photos. This is only interesting if you happen to be associated with the hangars at the airport. Jer reported that the door to C26 was jammed by the soil expansion and construction. I was there so I took a picture for the group.

2007-10-14 Photos. Fall has arrived and the leaves have turned golden. A weather front brought a cold dreary day and caused the trees in the backyard to drop their leaves. But having done so they created a really pretty golden carpet of leaves! It was so pretty that I had to get a picture of it.

2007-09-25 Photos. Another group "hike" but this one was on the wheels. The group went roller blading. Neither Sue nor I have not been on roller blades for a few years now and so I put on all of the pads.

2007-09-23 Photos. The annual Colorado Cog Rally in Steamboat Springs Colorado is now renamed to be Rallye Colorado. Why? I am told they want to develop a brand. Whatever. It is always fun. This year was quite muddy though as rain closed the event on the last day.

2007-09-15 Photos. While in Frisco we hiked Mount Royal. This was a trail up to the peak just outside of our condo and so very easily accessable. The link takes you to Sue's hiking page.

2007-09-14 Photos. A group of us spent a fun weekend in Frisco Colorado. It was a weekend of hiking and roller blading. Keith brought up his new "Trikke" and we had fun learning how to ride it.

2007-08-15 Photos. Today was a day to help George move his parent's house into his house. It was really an amazing number of boxes and some wonderful antique furniture.

2007-08-08 Photos. Another week and another hike. In order to keep things quick we decided to do the trail along the river around the Raptor Center.

2007-07-31 Photos. This week it was decided to make a local hike up to Arthur's Rock. This is a nice easy hike very close to town.

2007-07-24 Photos. Friends have decided to get some more hiking in by heading up to the hills after work and making an evening hike. This week was up Poudre Canyon for a hike up Young's Gulch.

2007-08-01 Photos David and Lauri sent us pictures from their most recent trip.

2007-07-13 Photos. George sold his Stinson-103 to a gentleman in Lubbock Texas. We happened to run into each at the FNL airport that day and I said, "If you need a ride back from Lubbock let me know." The rest is all recorded in the pictures here. We flew down as a flight of two and then returned in my airplane. This was one of the most fun flights I have had for a while.

2007-06-05 Photos. Several of us got together to see the latest Pirates movie. It was a typical dinner and a movie night. But heading home Ann's car got wrecked. A drunk driver smashed into her car while she was stopped at the stoplight leaving the theater. Keith and Dave were also at the intersection and saw it happen. Fortunately Ann escaped without being hurt. Here are some pictures of the car the next day.

2007-07-04 Photos. Three World War II bombers toured through the Fort Collins Loveland Airport for the Independence day activities. These are grand aircraft and always evoke strong emotions whenever I see them.

2007-06-10 Photos. Ingrid arranged a birthday surprise for Mike. But Mike does not take surprises well and I was wondering if we would survive. :-) A good time was had by all.

2007-05-31 Photos. The last flight of the work blimp for me. As I am leaving soon I am transfering it to Ryan who is one of the original blimp pilots who funded the purchase years ago.

2007-02-08 Photos. George's birthday cake at work. The cubicles look strangely familiar! Keith once again outdoes himself with a really cool mini-George.

2007-01-01 Photos. New Year's Eve Sue and Bob had dinner together with friends over at George's house. Then on New Year's Day Sue took Rich, George and I up for a cold New Year's Day flight. But first we had to dig out the hangar in order to get the plane out. Then after the flight we had to chip the ice off in order to get the hangar door closed.

2006-12-31 Photos. There was so much snow this year that the annual hike to Rob's New Year's Party became a snowshoe hike! Sue and I donned the snowshoes and cold weather gear for the hike over and back. It was long dark by 8pm when we hiked over. And of course it was a little chilly by 2am when we decided to hike back home again.

2006-12-21 Photos. A massive winter snow fell on the Front Range of Colorado dumping two feet of snow. This was a heavy wet snow and really shut things down. Most businesses were closed and we had a snow day ourselves from work. This huge snowfall was an inconvenience to many and a real problem for a lot of people but we loved it and had a blast playing in the snow. Sue and I dug the house out and picked up two friends in the 4wd and went out to a local pub for lunch and then to the grocery store for a few needed items.

2006-11-11 Photos. I take Mike and Vera up for a sight seeing flight.

2006-08-12 Photos. Jer and I take N7390K into Elk Park, CO. This is a back country airstrip up in the hillside South of the Estes Park area. This is a really fun little grass strip to fly into but it requires some serious mountain flying technique.

2006-08-11 Photos. A really pretty butterfly fluttered by today. Sue and I were able to capture a quick picture of it. And then as quickly as it was there it fluttered away and was gone.

2006-07 Photos. North Carolina trip.

2006-05-29 Photos. Hiking up Young's Gulch trail.

2006-05-19 Photos. My work group decided to have a lunch BBQ. A good time was had by all.

2006-04-26 Photos. I fly my C172XP to Richardson, Texas for a business trip.

2006-03-18 Photos. I have been wanting to snow cave for a while and this weekend Sue, Keith, Chris and I snowcave the night on Cameron Pass just off of Joe Wright trail. It was a lot of fun!

2006-03-14 Photos. Scott, Linda, their kids, Sue and I ski at Loveland Pass.

2006-03-14 Photos. For some reason my speedometer pegs off the scale on cold days.

2006-02 New Zealand Vacation Sue and I vacation in New Zealand! These are getting updates as we can post them. Check back and see our trip as we upload pictures! We will polish them up when we get back home.

2006-01-02 Photos Sue, Keith, Ann and I snowshoe up and around Cameron Pass. I have been wanting to snow cave sometime but have not before done it myself. So I dug a snow cave for practice on this trip. The snow was only about 4-5 feet deep. We were able to make a respectable shelter. I think another foot or so would have allowed us to have a really comfortable inside but this was sufficient. It is really amazing how warm it is inside the snowcave. The snow seems to reflect the heat back to you. Also I was astounded by how much sound is absorbed by the snow. Even if someone were at the entrance and yelling at you the sound would be absorbed so much that you would not be able to hear them. But in all respects the snowcave is a good shelter. Now I am motivated to try this again and do an overnight in one.

2005-11-01 Photos Ann joins us for a night of computer gaming.

2005-10-29 Photos A very memorable Halloween party at Keith's house. Keith always goes all out and this year was no exception. I am wearing devil horns and tail.

2005-09-17 Photos Sue and I volunteered as control point crew for the Colorado Cog Rallye. This was a really fun time and a great event.

2005-09-11 Photos Unsorted pictures from today.

2005-07-31 Photos Random unsorted pictures from the camera from today.

2005-06-19 Photos and more photos. and yet more photos. A weekend vacation trip took Keith, Ann, Sue and I to South Dakota. We bicycled from Custer to Hill City. Then hiked around in the Badlands.

2005-04-29 Photos. A spring storm system brought winter weather and some snow to Fort Collins. Looking out my front door for two days in a row I was greeted with a winter wonderland. Typically atypical for spring in Colorado.

2005-02-05 Photos. A fun weekend up in Boise and McCall visiting Sue's sister and family.

2004-10-20 Photos. The work group pitched in and volunteered for Make a Difference Day in Fort Collins. Our task was to improve the landscaping in a housing development.

2004-08-13 Photos. Carolina Beach! Many thanks to Dan and Jan for organizing a reunion tour of old friends at a Carolina Beach house.

2004-07-11 Keith, Ann, Sue and I vacation in Glenwood-Springs. A really fun trip. When Keith told us we were in the laundry room I thought he was joking. But it turned out that was exactly what our accomodations were at the Silver Spruce motel. There was a laundry room and our room was reached by going through it. But the room was nice enough. The first day we took the "Wild Tour" of the Glenwood Springs cave. Keith's pictures of Glenwood Springs caving. The second day in Glenwood Springs we rented mountain bikes and did the ride up the river to the Hanging Lake trail. It is about ten miles and not much elevation gain so the ride is pretty easy. But it was a hot at around 91F/33C degrees and I drank more water than I had on two of the last fourteeners that I have hiked. Bob's Hanging Lake pictures. Keith's Hanging Lake pictures.

2004-04-14 Photos. Sue, Keith, Ann and I vacation in Las Vegas. Keith's pictures of the trip.

2004-03-19 Photos. A wonderful day skiing at Copper Mountain with the work ski club bus trip.

2003-11-30 Photos. Sue and I flew my Cessna 172XP back to Kansas City for Thanksgiving. We did not take any pictures there. Sue went on from there to Detroit by commercial air carrier and I flew back alone. On the way back I did take a couple of sunset pictures. Pike's Peak was very clear 140 miles to the south west and I could not resist.

2003-09-12 Photos. Sue and I take a Tracker Awareness training class from UTS (Universal Tracking Services) sponsored by the Larimer County Search and Rescue in Rustic Colorado. Note that my basement machine's connection to the net is only 12 KB/s and that there are many pictures here. Be patient. The default display is a medium res 800x600 image. Don't forget to look at the hires 1600x1200 pictures by clicking again when you need the detail.

2003-09-02 Photos. Climbing Longs Peak. This is one of the more difficult fourteeners in Colorado. Sue, Jenny, Alan and myself make a two day trip to camp up at the boulderfield and then summit the next day. This was the toughest fourteener I have climbed yet and there are few pictures because of it. I did not have the free brain cells to take more. Sue wrote a nice travel log of the trip so I won't say too much here and will leave you to read her journal.

2003-08-17 Photos. Climbing Mount Bierstadt. This is one of the fourteeners in Colorado. Sue and I join our friend Betsy and others for this hike.

2003-08-07 Photos. Columbia Point memorial. Sue and I help in the event by volunteering as sherpas for the dedication of the newly named Columbia Point. We also hiked around Humboldt Peak.

2003-08-05 Photos. Dennis Clarke gives a show and tell presentation of some of his ongoing robotics projects.

2003-07-13 Photos. I have not climbed a fourteener since Long's Peak many years ago. This was Sue's first. A good Colorado hike.

2003-03-20 Photos. Friends of ours tormented us by sending pictues from the ski condo. We were not able to get there because all of the mountain passes were closed.

2003-03-20 Photos. A few more pictures of the snow. This one has a ski jump that needs to be seen to be believed.

2003-03-19 Photos. A March snowstorm has buried us. Here are some pictures of us digging out of it. We wanted to be up at the mountain but the passes were closed and so we could not get there.

2002-11-23 Photos. Our pictures of our trip to Boise to visit Sue's family.

2002-11-23 Photos. Manny's pictures of our trip to Boise. They really came out much better than ours did.

2002-10-11 Photos. Not sure what motivated the work group to go play paintball. But it was a lot of fun regardless.

2002-09-30 Photos. The Tony Fourcroy Invitational golf tournament is a yearly event on Tony's birthday. The rules are a little different than most in that in this event the high score wins.

2002-08-03 Photos. George Swain and I fly his Citabria.

2002-08-03 Photos. Rick Woodruff flies a practice IFR flight. I act as safety pilot for the flight.

2002-08-01 Photos. This poor aircraft was being flown by a student pilot and suffered substantial damage after a practice soft field takeoff went bad.

2002-07-21 Photos. Larry, Sara, and Jason go for a flight with Bob.

2002-05-26 Photos. I look at the potential purchase of a 1957 Helio Courier H391B with 110 hours total time. This is a nice airplane and there is the potential for a partnership in it.

2002-05-25 Photos. I fly to Kansas in my Cessna Hawk XP.

2002-05-14 Photos. Sue and Ken go for a flight in the CAP Maule.

2002-05-07 Photos. An IFR flight. Brian, George and I fly through some clouds.

2002-04-28 Photos. I hiked up Horsetooth rock.

2002-04-27 Photos. Brian and I take the Citabria out for a flight.

2002-04 Photos. George has a fuel sump problem with his Citabria.

2001-04-07 Photos. Some pictures flying young eagles at the Fort Collins / Loveland airport.

Photos. Pictures of the Champ, a 1946 Aeronca 7-AC.

1990-03-18 Photos. Here are a few pictures from when I broke my arm snowboarding. They may not be for the faint of heart. But if you like to see all of the gory details then this is certainly a sight.

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