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Personal Stuff and other Oddments

Here is a link to Susan Wolber's web page.

Photo Album

Here is my photo album. It is not quite what some people call a blog but close.


I love to fly. The other folks I work with are sick of hearing about it. I like to fly taildraggers, a real pilot's airplane. I will also share my pictures of my airplanes. I am a partner in a 1977 Cessna Hawk XP. This is a good solid airplane. I recently bought a 1946 Cessna C-140 taildragger, "The Redbird". I am a pilot with commercial and instrument ratings. I first learned to fly in gliders. A good online book about flying is available by John S. Denker called "See How It Flies" at http://www.av8n.com/how/.

Tech Talks

Some talks that I have given at local meet-ups.

Ham Radio

I am a ham radio operator. The FCC issued me KF0UW as my ham radio callsign, unique in the world. You will find me on the radio on 147.540 NBFM simplex voice in and around the area while mobile. I am also an frequent visitor to 40m CW. Check out the American Radio Relay League at http://www.arrl.org/ home pages. I recently took a picture of the ham shack. It is not very exciting.


I like to play Go. Drop by for a game if you are also a Go player. The local group likes to get together and play casual games at a coffee Shop on Wednesday evenings in Fort Collins. I have been taking some time off from play but hope to be returning soon. Check out the American Go Association web page.

The home network

I have gone overboard with my home network. I have some pictures of the basement computer network if you care to peek. This is a frequent place for a few of us to gather for lan games.

Free Software Advocacy

I am a big proponent of Free Speech software. I mother over and moderate the mailing lists for the GNU mailing lists. I am now managing over one thousand of the gnu.org and some other mailing lists.

I also wrote and maintain the GNU coreutils FAQ.

I have become a proponent of Debian GNU/Linux. Debian is a high quality operating system and is the backbone of the infrastructure at this site.

Debian GNU/Linux Logo

How to mail to me.

Put your email in an envelope. Encrypted E-mail is preferred. Use of GNU Privacy Guard is encouraged. Here is my GPG public key. Here is my older PGP key. It is only available for legacy reasons.

Interesting Links

Links to places I find interesting. This is mostly for my own bookmark use. But perhaps these will be interesting for you as well.

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