Critters in the Attic -- 2007-12-26

Critters in the attic! I could hear them making noises at night. I walked around and found where I was sure they were getting access through the louvers. They left muddy tracks behind there. Inside up in the attic access I stood on the chair and then on a box on the chair to get up where I could get a look in the attic. It was a stretch for me. I really needed a ladder. I was able to get my arm up there far enough to take pictures in the blind.

I was pretty sure by the size of the trails that these were racoons. I was hoping to see their eyes in the camera flash in the attic but no such luck. Cute little bandits but I can never get a picture of them. I see them all of the time around the house at home. They have never caused me trouble there though.

  IM000404 IM000405 IM000412 IM000413 IM000414  
  I held the camera up at arms length and took pictures in the blind. This one shows a big critter trail through the insulation! Must be racoons. Opossums are smaller and would not make as big of a trail. In the back the screen over the louvers can be seen to be torn off. I was hoping the camera flash would show little eyes somewhere in the frame but no such luck.

  IM000416 IM000417 IM000418 IM000419 Raccoon_in_Cage_002  
  Another trail in another direction. They have been busy. Muddy tracks are a sure sign that critters have been coming and going through here. The local maintenance guys put a trap up on the roof. The trap is set. Caught a racoon! Hard to see but his nose is to the right. He seems to be quite healthy.

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