Snowshoeing Jan 2004

Bob, Sue, Keith, Ann 

More fun on the Zimmerman Lake trail uphill to the lake, looking at folks going around the lake (we skipped that part) and on down the Meadows trail to the snowmobile road to Long Draw.  We missed the turnoff from the snowmobile road back onto the normal trail so the last half mile on the snowmobile trail was kinda nice in that we could shoe abreast and talk, but kinda boring scenery.  Only saw one snowmobile on the trail.

Pictures of other snowshoe trips here.

  IM001353 IM001354 IM001355 IM001356 IM001357  

  IM001358 IM001359 IM001360 IM001361 IM001362  

  IM001363 IM001364 IM001365 IM001366 IM001367  

  IM001368 IM001369 IM001370 IM001371 IM001372  

  IM001373 IM001374 IM001375 IM001376 IM001377  

  IM001378 IM001379  

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