Snowshoeing 2003-2004 Cameron Pass

Dec 14 2003  Sue, Bob, Keith Schwols, Ann Sellers  Much fun was had by all up at the Joe Wright loop at Cameron Pass.  More pictures on Ann's page here.

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Another day of snowshoeing was set up by Keith for Monday Dec 22 on the easy "Michigan Ditch" trail.  Keith, Sue, Bob, and Grace had fun.  Pictures on Keith's site here.

More fun on the Zimmerman Lake trail uphill to the lake, looking at folks going around the lake (we skipped that part) and on down the Meadows trail to the snowmobile road to Long Draw.  We missed the turnoff from the snowmobile road back onto the normal trail so the last half mile on the snowmobile trail was kinda nice in that we could shoe abreast and talk, but kinda boring scenery.  Only saw one snowmobile on the trail.  Pictures here.

Another fun time with Grace and Sasha as well as Keith and Ann and Bob and Sue on the lightly-traveled Connection Trail Pictures here.

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