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Glenwood Springs Hanging Lake

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  Putting on a second layer of sunscreen - 30 spf this time Stopping on the bike trail to watch the kayakers Kayaks in the river Keith!

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  Some of the bike trail is under the road above left to right, Bob, Sue, Ann Didn't see any kayaks through here!

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  Dam just below Hanging Lake rest area About to start hiking. There were a lot of dogs on the trail in spite of the sign, but all on leash and all well-behaved Steep trail - only 1.2 miles long but 1000 feet elevation gain Steep uphill in the sunshine

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  taking a break about .5 miles up Waterfalls... Still steep, but in the shade now Lots of butterflies

  im001718 im001720 im001721 im001722 im001723  
  Bob's too hot and is about to... dunk his head in the stream Gorgeous waterfall

  im001724 im001725 im001726 im001727 im001728  
  Ann straight ahead on the path; the stairs go straight up after that. Awwwww....

  im001729 im001730 im001731 im001732 im001733  
  Awwwww.... ^2 Da Lake! Gorgeous boardwalk around the lake's edge

  im001734 im001735 im001737 im001740 im001741  
  Lots of litte fish in the lake

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  All the way around to the right side of the lake... You can walk in and under the waterfall

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  You can just barely see the rainbow in the middle Hike further up to the Spout

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  Amazing sight Behind the waterfall, erosion makes interesting tiny caves

  im001757 im001758 im001759 im001760  
  moss! Bob

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