2002-05-25 KC Helio Courier Trip - Page 2

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Here is the back seat. A right side door only.

The headliner is removed and the internals available for inspection.

This is a very clean aircraft. There is actually a lot of space inside.

The front seats are accessable from a left door only. Grab the overhead bracing and jump in.

The taxi view forward is pretty good for a taildragger. I had no trouble seeing over the nose for taxi, takeoff or landing. And you are not on the roll for more than a couple of seconds on takeoff or landing anyway!

This aircraft fills a standard sized hanger. But it did fit. Barely.

Here is another view of the slats.

And more slats.

This helio has a C-140 style landing light. It lies flush with the bottom of the wing until you turn it on. Then it has an electric motor which brings it down to face forward.

The pitot tube is well ahead of the wing and out in the clear air.

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