GXY/TVCS Mini-SAREX March 13 2004

Thanks to GXY for being wonderful hosts.  Harris Aviation provided facilities, GXY provided coffee and donuts and everything else.

Diane did another wonderful job as Project Officer, with much help from Russ Reed and many others on setting up extremely good targets for both air and ground training.  Wreckage is always great training.  The beacon in the house where the ground team actually called Dispatch and had a (real) police officer show up in uniform to escort the ground team onto private property was also a new experience.

After-Action Report will be on the Wing IAPP/AAR page soon, thanks to KenA.


BrunoK took these photos of the wreckage scenario

Wreckage from the ground from KenA.  Thanks to Bob Toy and Chuck Hailbronner who drove (separate vehicles!) all the way from Colorado Springs to do ground team training for us!

Photos of the "terrorist training camp" :-) and the Rist Canyon fire

Photos of a beacon where they were not allowed to enter the grid.  It's a lot harder than it looks to get photos from a plane, bumping around in turbulence, with no sky and no aircraft parts!

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