Jan 17-19, 2003 


Pre-SAREX scenario setup photos 

Friday Jan 17 Photos,   Saturday Jan 18 Photos,    Sunday Jan 19 Photos

Scenarios with briefing information

Fort Collins newspaper article

After-Action Report coming soon

Misc around mission base pictures:

P1010001.JPG (201512 bytes) Saturday Wing CC general briefing P1010002.JPG (176576 bytes)
P1010003.JPG (173152 bytes) P1010004.JPG (178902 bytes)
P1010005.JPG (182355 bytes) Cpt Wolber receives the Grover Loening award P1010006.JPG (183377 bytes) Dale Short is publicly recognized for his work with North Valley, with a Commanders Commendation.
P1010007.JPG (193167 bytes) Ground teams pack up P1010008.JPG (188281 bytes) Ron Powers load up trainees
P1010009.JPG (198829 bytes) P1010010.JPG (191618 bytes)
P1010011.JPG (207509 bytes) EX000001.JPG (519435 bytes)
P1010012.JPG (184361 bytes) 1LT Mike Fassi directs aircraft on the flight line. P1010013.JPG (177154 bytes)
P1010014.JPG (166153 bytes) Checking the fuel
HPIM0072.JPG (2066396 bytes) More on the flight line from yet another camera :-) HPIM0073.JPG (2075064 bytes) flight line
HPIM0074.JPG (1991912 bytes) flight line THE MOON.JPG (210026 bytes) The moon, Friday afternoon
MVC-024F.JPG (211989 bytes) Notice this camera put the time and picture number into the picture! DSC00006.JPG (472712 bytes) Compass Rose on the north taxiway, painted just a month ago by the 99's.
Front Range.JPG (974424 bytes) Panorama of the Front Range

Pictures of the ramp, zooming in and out

HPIM0062.JPG (1424659 bytes) HPIM0063.JPG (1254833 bytes) HPIM0064.JPG (1220970 bytes) HPIM0065.JPG (1291380 bytes) HPIM0066.JPG (1249109 bytes)
HPIM0068.JPG (1306311 bytes) HPIM0067.JPG (1264557 bytes) HPIM0069.JPG (1393526 bytes) HPIM0070.JPG (1401069 bytes) HPIM0071.JPG (1357098 bytes)
HPIM0072.JPG (1344689 bytes) HPIM0073.JPG (1273058 bytes) HPIM0074.JPG (1292293 bytes) HPIM0081.JPG (1144099 bytes)
HPIM0080.JPG (1900579 bytes) Mission Base 

File size / quality comparisons

HPIM0702.JPG (2208098 bytes) Original, 2 Meg.  Can both crop and digital zoom. HPIM0702 cropped.jpg (499249 bytes) 488k - cropped. Can still use digital zoom.
HPIM0702 cropped small.jpg (72470 bytes) 71k.  Cannot digital zoom in any more.

Last update:  05 February 2003

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