TVCS Cadet Winter Bivouac 

Dec 21-22 2002  CO-02-016


TVCS Cadets organized a 2-day Winter Bivouac.  25 cadets and 6 seniors attended, with aircraft flyovers both days.  Much fun was had by all!

Incident Action Pre-Plan (IAPP) is posted, After-Action Report coming soon.

Pictures below are a very few of the highlights, see links at bottom for lots and lots more pictures!  Click on a thumbnail to see a larger picture (~200k 800x600).  

im000628.jpg (78969 bytes) Camo face paint for night-time E&E (escape and evade) im000678.jpg (131537 bytes) On the 1st day of Bivouac, my C.O. gave to me...

... a Colonel in a pine tree.

im000636.jpg (99252 bytes) Capt Campbell makes a latte.  "Just because you're camping doesn't mean you have to be uncivilized". im000654.jpg (91008 bytes) Using the LPers to practice DF'ng (direction finding).
im000648.jpg (93676 bytes) Practicing using a signal mirror. im000662.jpg (142889 bytes) Preparing for a victim evacuation on a litter.
im000673.jpg (96042 bytes) The pyramid of cadets im000675.jpg (110036 bytes) Rest in peace
CampsiteLkgS_unzoomed.JPG (921035 bytes) A shot from the air from the Sunday flyover.  There's a campsite down there somewhere!

Lots and lots more pictures from the ground here.

Saturday flyover pictures from the airplane are here.

Sunday flyover pictures from the airplane are here.

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