TVCS Saturday Dec 21, 2002

Flyover of the Cadet Winter Bivouac


Saturday's aircrew was Check Pilot Maj Bill Standerfer, Mission Pilot Trainee 1Lt Ken McNaught, and Scanner Trainee 2Lt Stephen Hayne.  Thanks to them for doing this on their own dime, and taking pictures!

These pictures on Saturday were taken before we had put out the visual targets such as orange tarps, and letters made of logs and in the snow.  Thus, these pictures show what is visible for a generic campsite.

Click on a thumbnail to see a larger picture (~100k 800x600).  The full-size photos (~ 900k) are available here.

Dscn2087_crop.jpg (951815 bytes) Campsite in the middle.  The orange pup tent is visible!  

Nice mirror flash.

Both of these are taken from about 1000' AGL (above ground level) and are slightly zoomed and cropped.

Dscn2088_crop.jpg (642364 bytes) Very visible mirror flash here too!


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