May 2003

0305_StacyCube.JPG (495512 bytes) Stacy went away for way too long... more than a week!  It was horrible and we missed her so... so we had to welcome her back! 0305_StacyCube2.JPG (549771 bytes) We're serious about our "welcome back"s
0305_StacyCube3.JPG (498358 bytes) "you are our sunshine..." 0305_Bubbles.JPG (548274 bytes) The bubbles went over real well
0305_BubblesTom.JPG (546759 bytes) Even Tom stuck his head out to join the bubbly party! 0305_BubblesBob.JPG (561084 bytes) bubbles and more bubbles!

April 2003

0304_HumaFlowers.JPG (515881 bytes) Huma, Stacy and Sue all got flowers, from a secret admirer!  
0304_StacyFlowers.JPG (507165 bytes)
0304_janFlowers.JPG (447530 bytes) Sad time, Jan was about to pack up her cube, so we got her flowers and decorated her cube too... We miss her already!
0304_Jan.JPG (554028 bytes) Jan's cube
0304_Ting.JPG (593424 bytes) In good news, Ting got his citizenship!  Hurrah!
0304_Moose.JPG (514959 bytes) The famous moose, complete with the tiara and earrings...


Dec 16, 2002 Huma's Birthday


im000608.jpg (66806 bytes) Huma was 23 and turned... 23 :-)
im000609.jpg (70335 bytes) Stacy did gold decorations (that shed gold glitter for days :-), Bob made brownies, balloons...

Oct 29, 2002 Stacy's Birthday

StacyBday1.JPG (230131 bytes) 'tis the season to... decorate!  The tree has Christmas lights, a huge leaf bag covers the chair, Wilson has a Halloween mask, and other Halloween decorations abound.  Oh and of course the "Happy Birthday" poster.  We were off a little on the "29", but hey we were close. 
StacyBday2.JPG (555110 bytes) Stacy seen through the cobwebs... scary music played as the kids came by on Halloween day.... "hmmm tasty, I wonder what that was" :-)
StacyBday3.JPG (228885 bytes)

The balloons weren't quite enough to pick up Wilson (the yellow volleyball from the movie) but one of the smiley face balloons came down the second day to keep Wilson company.

im000610.jpg (62508 bytes) Afterwards, Wilson's family keeps him company.

Thanks to Bob and Huma (and Jeff and Tom!) who did most of the decorating.  Course the cobwebs looked a lot better after Stacy used her artistic talent to stretch them out a bit more... 

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