Grays Peak   14,270 feet   July 13, 2003
SueW, BobP, JennyN, BrendaK

2 hour drive from Loveland to Stevens Gulch trailhead, dirt road from I-70 was rough. Many passenger cars didn't make it, we were glad we had the Explorer clearance and we used the 4wd. Reached the trailhead at 7am and got the second to last parking space in the main lot. Only one bathroom open (and it ran out of toilet paper by afternoon). Hit the 4.0 mile trail (each way) ~7:45, achieved the 1/2 way mileage point in ~0:45, then it took another 3 hours to do the second 2 miles. Sue slowed down ~13,000 to a crawl while Jenny had way excess energy. Brenda had just completed physical therapy on her ankle and did fine with just a brace on it! Hit the top with not enough time to do Torreys and still make it back to Fort Collins in time for an appointment that evening... turned out I-70 was a parking lot and we didn't make it back in time anyways.

Had a great time, saw a mountain goat on the trail on the way down, Sue and Brenda's first 14er!











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