12 May, 2003

"Subaroops" as Alan Silverstein dubbed it.  The end of the gallant Subie - got hit by an uninsured driver :-(

Good news is I got to buy a new car - a 2004 Toyota Prius hybrid!  I love it :-)

0305_SubieFarout.JPG (556614 bytes) Still drives fine, no injuries.  236,000 miles, it's hard to kill a Subaru.  Bought new in 1986, my first car.  Even after 17 years I still consistently get 33 mpg.
0305_Subie.JPG (553058 bytes) Left front fender, and the bumper - with parts, labor, and paint, it's a lot more than the old baby is worth.  So she'll get totaled...
0305_SubieCloseup.JPG (527483 bytes) 2 weeks after the incident, still driving it to work every day :-)
0305_SubieFront.JPG (493266 bytes) Day VFR only - the left headlight is pointing at the ground on the right side and is pretty much useless.  Both headlights still work tho!  Amazing...

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