Yellowstone 1999 Pictures

Somehow we managed to not get any pictures of the wedding, nor of Old Faithful, nor of the buffalo in the park, or from the air as we flew over the park, and gazed at the Tetons in the distance.  Sigh...

SaraFlyby.jpg (154577 bytes) Sara (Mark & Sue) blew by us on the way up. falls.jpg (277583 bytes) The incredible falls on the other side of the park (north east side)
SueMarkBobSue.jpg (202471 bytes) Sue & Mark, and Bob & Sue falls2.jpg (312737 bytes) breath-taking, without a panoramic camera it's hard to imagine how stunning it is
Geyser1.jpg (292549 bytes) One of the gorgeous geysers in the park.  We decided the mudpots that were "blupping" up mud looked a lot like the (at the time brand new) Agilent "spark" logo :-) falls3.jpg (279458 bytes) Much closer up, still beautiful.
Geyser2.jpg (324517 bytes) And another shot of it.  

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