Reno Oct 1999

Bob and Sue both flew to Reno (in separate planes :-).  We stopped for gas in Salt Lake 2, SaltLake2.jpg (257879 bytes)  right next to Salt Lake International.  We continued west over the Bonneville Salt Flats and wow they are huge!  Reno itself was a fun airport, they had cool signs for where airplanes can and can't go :-)

NoPlanes.jpg (261844 bytes)  NoPlanes2.jpg (254497 bytes)

Bob took a lot of pictures of 90K and 82H on the ramp, eventually he'll get one he likes... 

82H90K.jpg (237720 bytes)  90K82H.jpg (243670 bytes)  90K82H2.jpg (238135 bytes)  90K82H4.jpg (217192 bytes)  90K82H5.jpg (223811 bytes)  90K82H6.jpg (224979 bytes)  90K82H7.jpg (214451 bytes)

Finally he took some with a human too, Bill O'Brian from CAP Denver who came out with Col Bill Payne (AF, Retired) in "Bill's" CAP plane 97T, a turbo retract 182. 

90K82HBill.jpg (243083 bytes)   SueBill82H.jpg (207399 bytes)   97T.jpg (218126 bytes) 

Here's 90K alone, and with Bob

90K.jpg (206071 bytes)  Bob90K.jpg (226803 bytes)  

Sue stayed there for week of training for Inland SAR (Air Force Rescue Coordination Center teaches how to manage a search for a lost airplane).  Meanwhile Bob flew on to San Jose to stay with Scott and Linda (& Brittany) to work remotely for the week.  He came back Friday, Saturday it snowed in Denver so we wandered around Reno for the day and discovered if you're not into gambling, Reno has not much else to do, and locals are NOT very polite.  Sunday we finally caravanned back home.

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