Cozumel, Mexico   May 2000

Sue & Bob, Jimbo & Shelly, and Brad went to Cozumel to the Reef Club, got a great $$ deal because it was May and the one time Sue didn't plan a beach trip 6 months in advance :-) so we got a good last-minute deal.  Airfare direct Denver to Cozumel was cheap and wonderfully easy compared to the day wasted and hassle and $$ of Miami to the Caribbean... very relaxing!

Very nice beaches, incredible snorkeling, had a good time (except for Brad who got Montezuma for a few days).  The snorkeling on our beach was so good that other clubs' snorkel boats would come to our beach and drop off folks to snorkel :-)

Club Med it was not, food was just ok, of 3 sunfish only 1 didn't leak, the 1 (and only) windsurfer had a nasty rough rope that had Sue's hands bleeding, oh well.  The kayaks were fun, swimming and snorkeling was great, and just laying on the beach and around the pool was wonderful, snoozing or reading a book...  One pool had a swim-up bar with good margs (if you knew to ask for the better tequila :-).  Free booze does win out big-time over Club Med, carrying those beads or paper tickets is a pain!  Reef Club food was "just ok" enough that we went into town a few times for dinner, something I'd never done in 3 Club Med trips (nor in Jamaica but Breezes food was better than Reef Club).

Sue, Shelly and Jimbo also tried parasailing and had an absolute blast!!!!

BradShelJimBeach.jpg (545118 bytes) Brad, Shelly and Jimbo on the beach BobSail1.jpg (566257 bytes) Bob sailing in the Sunfish
BradShellJimBeach2.jpg (589190 bytes) And Sue hiding in the background BobSail2.jpg (528236 bytes) the one and only sunfish without a hole in the bottom :-(
Dinner.jpg (879138 bytes) The required dinner photo ShellySwing1.jpg (777648 bytes) Shelly liked the swings, and shows off her new tattoo
ShellyJimDinner.jpg (578766 bytes) Jimbo snoozing... ShellySwing2.jpg (506907 bytes) And notice the gorgeous red and yellow of her other (real) tattoo
sunsetLighthouse.jpg (510854 bytes) The "lighthouse" catamaran  Notice the nicely maintained (not!) sunfish on the beach sunsetLighthouse2.jpg (483961 bytes) At night, the cat had a light on the top of its mast, solid white.  The first night we were there we were wondering if it was a lighthouse or a ship...  And the next morning it was gone on a day trip so we really wondered :-)
sunset1.jpg (483759 bytes) typical sunset sunset2.jpg (505823 bytes) didn't get tired of them
sunset3.jpg (764722 bytes) through the trees... sunset4.jpg (999763 bytes) those kodak disposable cameras did ok even in low light.

Sue's first tattoo :-)    

SueTattoo1.jpg (657453 bytes) typical shot of Sue with her eyes closed SueTattoo3.jpg (584695 bytes) pretty good for free-hand drawing!  It was a custom design even, pieces from other templates put together.  Lasted over two weeks, throughout Sue's Europe trip...
SueTattoo2.jpg (699207 bytes) the drawing begins SueTattoo4.jpg (714374 bytes) Sue still wants a real one :-)

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