Cedar Point

Sue is highly addicted to Cedar Point and tries to get there every year.  Bob is only semi-addicted :-)

005_5.jpg (434656 bytes) ah....  approaching heaven on earth, 14 roller coasters (ok 2 are for kids but still...) 008_8.jpg (546043 bytes) Departing, on a clearer day, yellow Mantis on the right, huge Mean Streak on the left and of course MF in the middle.
006_6.jpg (516244 bytes) closer in...Millenium Force is the huge one...drool...Most roller coasters boast about "taking you up 180 feet and dropping you down at 60 miles per hour...".  MF rockets you up 310 feet and on the downhill hits 93 mph, at at the braking area you've slowed to 60 mph.  And it's by far the smoothest coaster I've ever been on... drool.. 012_12.jpg (444976 bytes) I wanna go back...
007_7.jpg (576986 bytes) Good view of the water park in the foreground, Magnum XL blends into the background, Gemini and of course MF are clearly visible.    

Here is Cedar Point's official page...  Sandusky (Griffing) airport is the closest and has a shuttle to/from Cedar Point, grass overnight tie-downs, and they'll drop you at a motel in town and pick you up again.  Note that their last shuttle from CP is often before the park closing time; if you want to stay later the park entrance guest services can get you a taxi, if you get into line at closing time and miss that, stick your thumb out as there's no pedestrians allowed on the causeway :-)

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