Bob Proulx Pictures

Here's Bob's official web page, but meanwhile here's some other shots of him :-)

PcSurgery.jpg (559701 bytes) A typical machine on the home network, with surgery being performed while it's running...


Bob in a Cub

BobCub1.jpg (469560 bytes) Beautiful 1946 J-3 Piper Cub BobCub2.jpg (483254 bytes) Bob wants one...and misses this one since it's no longer around.

Bob's Boots

Bob has always wanted a pair of leather boots from the Renaissance Era (i.e. Renaissance Faire outfit).  In 1999 he finally got a pair!

BobLauriBoots2.jpg (536125 bytes) Bob and his sister Lauri, each wearing one boot LauriBoots.jpg (559943 bytes) Lauri modeling the boots.
BobLauriBoots.jpg (566191 bytes) And with Heather, Lauri's dog

Bob's Family

ElsieSueTail.jpg (81423 bytes) Bob's Mom (and Sue with 82H)

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