BPPP Mountain Flying Course

Randy Bailey invited me to teach at the Beechcraft Pilots Proficiency Program in June 14-16 2002, in Colorado Springs, CO.  The topic:    What can I do to help Search and Rescue find me if I go down?

Wow, a chance to use my experience in Search and Rescue through Civil Air Patrol, to teach pilots what to do in the hopefully unlikely event that they go down in the mountains.  How they can get the search started, how CAP gathers clues, what to carry in a survival kit, and what not to carry.

Note this version of the slides is customized for the BPPP course including information that may not apply in flatlands (non-mountain) terrain, or may not apply in other states (how CAP searches).  For example, CAP Colorado will rarely if ever search in the mountains at night - it's VFR day only there.  But in the flatlands we will search for an ELT at night.

Contact Sue for permission to use these slides.  Thanks to Joel Larner for a previous course he taught, that this course was largely built upon.

Powerpoint Slides

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