N182H, Sue's first baby

Although I mainly fly my second baby now, an awesome Bonanza, I still love this solid Cessna.


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April 2003 at Lakeway, Austin TX.  A very friendly airport, cheap gas, would love to live on this residential strip!

0305_Lakeway.JPG (549488 bytes) nice tiedowns, nice ramp 0305_Lakeway2.JPG (581145 bytes) me and my baby
0305_Lakeway3.JPG (561593 bytes) very cute "FBO" in the trees -- self-serve on gas and tiedown fees (waived if you buy gas) 0305_Lakeway4.JPG (552173 bytes)


JaimeWeisberg.jpg (626410 bytes) Taking Jamie Weisberg for a ride 49HOnRampCloserl_small1.jpg I also fly the Civil Air Patrol airplanes; at Fort Collins we generally have 49H.

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