August 2001 Wolber Family Reunion, Detroit MI


AnnMary.jpg (522795 bytes) Annie and Mary SciCenter.jpg (489423 bytes) Most of the family at the Detroit Science Museum
SarahMary.jpg (555888 bytes) Sarah braiding Mary's hair zoo1.jpg (727626 bytes) At the zoo...

Mom & Greg taking pictures of Terri and Danielle, Bradley and Gabriel, with Annie and Sarah & Evan in the background

FranKit.jpg (688485 bytes) Fran hugging (choking? :-) Kit zoo2.jpg (638519 bytes) The four youngest around the turtle

Generic Zoo Pictures (no family)

zoobirds.jpg (838926 bytes) birds... zooButterflies1.jpg (703262 bytes) the butterfly pavillion
zoobirds2.jpg (945173 bytes) more birds... zooButterflies2.jpg (742134 bytes) More butterflies

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