Grass Strip Fly-ins Sept 6-7, 2015

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  Fly-In at Markham Field, a private grass strip just north of Platte Valley. We also landed at Easton Valley View, and Craven's strips today. I go to 18V all the time for fuel and never even noticed this field, with 3 runways even! C150 N51318 departs. N552F QuickSilver MXL III Sport N2910P

  IM003434 IM003435 IM003436 IM003437 IM003438  
  C150 does a nice airshow turn for us. N89297 at Markam Field. N9179Y

  IM003439 IM003441 IM003442 IM003443 IM003445  
  Kitfox N559MW Luscombe N45823 After departing Markham, a small corn maze "105 yrs"

  IM003446 IM003448 IM003449 IM003450 IM003451  
  "Thunder in the Rockies" at the Thunder Mountain Harley Davidson dealer. Lots of attendees! Next day, at Russ's fly-in

  IM003452 IM003453 IM003454 IM003455 IM003456  
  N3448U, N970MC, N182H, N89297 at Reid International Bob, John, Ed at the fly-in. Navion N7803B

  IM003457 IM003458 IM003459 IM003460 IM003461  
  JackRabbit Strip with Mel's Glastar Bob and Redbird N89297 at JackRabbit Mel's SuperCub in progress. Gorgeous!

  N842MC being assembled.

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