Plane-Camping West Yellowstone KWYS Sept 12-14, 2015

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  Joe relaxing at camp with a book. Picnic table with all our stuff spread out. Very nice free campsite! Propane heated shower even! From the campground looking out at the ramp with our planes parked.

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  Bicycles free for use. Looking back at our campsite - fire pit with log seats, tent and picnic table on the right. N3448U, Mooney, and N5871C at West Yellowstone. Pilots Campground at KWYS, complete with wagons to haul your luggage from plane to campground! N5871C at West Yellowstone.

  IM003473 IM003475 IM003474 IM003491 IM003476  
  N3448U at West Yellowstone. Gorgeous turboprop with one solo guy The Chain Johnny - protect his aircraft from bike chain grease! Van picks up his luggage, he bicycles into town. Fun life! N5871C at West Yellowstone.

  IM003478 IM003481 IM003482 IM003483 IM003485  
  N3448U at West Yellowstone.

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  SkyWest jet taxies out. Ramp isn't full, but plenty of planes here. N2873C, a pretty Cessna 170B, at West Yellowstone. N766MR, a gorgeous Husky, at West Yellowstone.

  IM003497 IM003498 IM003502 IM003503 DSCN7053  
  Bob splitting wood. Campground supplies logs and splitting maul. Many of the logs are long and need a chainsaw to be cut shorter. Vic and Joe relaxing after the long flight up. Joe wraps up veggies for cooking over the fire.

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  Vic stirs the chili. Awesome dinner! Sue, Dan, Joe wait for veggies to cook over the fire. Roasted veggies! Colorful and tasty! Great chili! Not your typical dinner photo.

  DSCN7059 IM003504 IM003505 DSCN7060 IM003506  
  Thumbs up on tasty! Post-dinner, Bob and Dan around the campfire. Vic and Sue walk down to the FBO to watch the sunset. Sunset over the mountains, sitting on the FBO porch.

  IM003507 IM003508 IM003510 IM003514 IM003515  
  Hanging out on the porch watching the sunset. Sunday in the park, first bison sighted (on the road!) Herd of Bison

  IM003516 IM003517 IM003518 IM003520 IM003522  
  More bison on the left.

  IM003524 IM003527 IM003529 IM003530 IM003532  
  First geyser sighting bubbling frothing steaming everywhere. Steaming... Steam ahead!

  DSCN7061 DSCN7062 DSCN7063 DSCN7064 DSCN7066  
  Gorgeous! Lunching near Old Faithful.

  DSCN7067 DSCN7069 IM003534 IM003535 IM003536  
  Bob, Sue, Vic We didn't stay at Old Faithful long enough to see it go off, further north is gorgeous too. Boiling water flowing into Firehole River.

  IM003537 IM003538 IM003539 IM003540 IM003541  
  Amazing colors! Water flowing down into the river.

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  Sue and Vic. Vic and Sue. Excelsior Geyser Crater.

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  Grand Prismatic Spring The colors are microbes, not chemicals in the rocks.

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  Stunning colors! Opal Pool. Turquoise Pool. Pretty bumblebee on Vic's shirt. Back at Excelsior Geyser Crater.

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  IM003580 IM003581 IM003582 IM003585 IM003586  
  more Bison!

  IM003587 IM003589 IM003590 IM003592 IM003593  
  boiling! Firehole Lake.

  IM003595 IM003599 IM003600 IM003601 DSCN7071  
  Elk in the river. Gorgeous cliffs. Firestarter blower - mattress inflator!

  DSCN7072 IM003602 IM003604 IM003605 IM003606  
  Monday morning taxiing out for departure. Dan and Bob flying N3448U

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  West Yellowstone West Yellowstone Airport. Town middle left, campground on right side of ramp Big fire on the east side of the park. Grand Prismatic Spring

  IM003615 IM003616 IM003617 IM003618 IM003619  
  Larger view of the road, parking lot, Grand Prismatic Spring, and Excelsior Geyser Crater.

  IM003622 IM003623 IM003624 IM003625 IM003626  
  Boardwalk is more visible here.

  IM003627 IM003628 IM003630 IM003631 IM003632  
  Fire out east Yellowstone Lake. Biscuit Basin (I think).

  IM003634 IM003635 IM003637 IM003638 IM003643  
  Old Faithful, hotel Geyser Basin around Old Faithful. Loose formation with 71C on the flight home. 71C and the fire in the east side of the park. Darker trees are older taller, lighter green are smaller trees - the new growth since the huge 1988 fire.

  IM003644 IM003653 IM003654 IM003664 IM003666  
  Grand Tetons, but man it's hazy with smoke :-( 71C and Aspens turning colors.

  IM003677 IM003678 IM003679  
  More gorgeous Aspen colors.

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