Oshkosh July 16-24 2015

  20150713_124746 20150713_124801 20150715_201353 20150715_201405 DSCN6584  
  Thinking of this solar panel combination. But it is quite small. Upgraded to this larger solar panel. Hopefully it will have enough power to keep things going. Chez Lewis greeted me (Bob) at my first stop. With a classic hotel bed-card too. I won't.

  DSCN6588 DSCN6589 DSCN6590 DSCN6595 DSCN6596  
  Cruising along in the C140. A little fast on the tach at the moment this photo was snapped. No constant speed prop so I am always adjusting the power up and down as the bumps bounce me up and down. Heading to Oshkosh in my C140! It is nice to have the extra room to spread out the charts. I have the back stuff full of my camping gear. Puffy clouds are starting to create a hard ceiling below me.

  DSCN6597 20150716_180602 DSCN6599 DSCN6600 DSCN6601  
  I am going to need to descend below soon. Sigh. Overnight in Platteville PVB looking at the ceiling for the last 12 hours. Sue and Brenda overnighted in C47, Portage WI. Parking at Platteville. Very friendly place! Good place to overnight. They have a courtesy car. But it stayed fogged in here for a couple hours past when C47 cleared out. So we didn't depart until ~10am Friday.

  DSCN6603 DSCN6605 DSCN6606 IM002997 IM002998  
  Arrived at Oshkosh! Jumped out and captured Sue and Brenda arriving. Sue and Brenda in N182H getting parked. Friday morning around 11am we got parked in row 66W after bad weather Wed/Thu/Fri am kept a lot of folks grounded. Sue and Brenda in N182H getting parked. Last year arriving Thu ~7pm we were in row 93. 66W is awesome! Pounding in the stakes for the tie-down Claw. Happy 50th birthday to N182H, a 1965 C182H

  IM002999 DSCN6607 DSCN6608 IM003000 IM003001  
  Look at the air driven generator on this Luscombe. Love this home built air driven generator. Lots of happy birthday balloons on the tie down ropes. Bob in his 2014 Oshkosh volunteer shirt.

  IM003002 IM003003 IM003004 IM003005 IM003006  
  The B52 stratofortress. This is Friday noonish before the crowds. Everyone is setting up their booths. The EAA build-wings center. Husky display, with landscaping prep.

  IM003007 IM003008 IM003009 IM003010 IM003011  
  I think this is the one that got nosed-over in Sat am's BIG storm :-( We heard winds hit 65 knot! When landscaping is complete Sunday, they'll all look like this. Bob and Brenda Life as it should be - display of tent camping with a Husky :-) Piper booth - lots of aircraft will arrive and fill up this whole area.

  IM003012 IM003013 IM003014 IM003016 IM003017  
  Registration / main entrance - still quiet on Friday. Icon A5 amphib B52 on Friday eve as the shadows lengthen. Tons of other cool warbirds.

  IM003018 IM003019 IM003020 IM003021 IM003022  
  CAF's C47 restoration project. Reflection in the nose of a Lockheed, NC26333 Showplane camping (rows ~63-68) still has lots of space. Vintage Flight Ops. Very fun to volunteer here!

  DSCN6609 IM003024 IM003025 IM003026 IM003027  
  Our neighbors ordered pizza delivered to the gate. Papa Johns and Dominos deliver! Saturday morning after the BIG storm at 5am, tent upside down to let the bottom dry, and everything else spread out to dry on Redbird'd tail and struts. One of several DC3's that arrived Saturday. Bonanza mass arrival Saturday. Oshkosh 2015, world's busiest airport.

  IM003028 IM003029 IM003030 IM003031 DSCN6610  
  I can't tell a Velocity from Cozy but they're all gorgeous. Jets arriving Saturday. Ercoupe mass arrival. Grass in the tailwheel... life as it should be.

  DSCN6612 DSCN6613 DSCN6614 DSCN6615 DSCN6616  
  N6180 Sue parking aircraft in the South 40 Sunday noonish. We're already down to row 124ish. N2275D in the South 40.

  DSCN6617 DSCN6618 DSCN6619 DSCN6620 DSCN6622  
  Jennifer and Ricky confer on parking details. Scooters galore doing parking. On the right beyond the little tower is the south end of runway 36L. New folks arrive to work parking, so Bob and Sue head out for a lunch break. After lunch, we head down for more fun parking in the south 40.

  DSCN6624 DSCN6625 DSCN6627 DSCN6628 DSCN6629  
  Sandy directs planes in. We're at row 134 now, late-afternoon Sunday 19th. Shadows are getting long... Last plane lands 8pm (field is closed 8pm - 6am) and taxies in, getting close to sunset. Monday - mass arrival of Howards!

  DSCN6630 DSCN6631 IM003033 DSCN6634 IM003037  
  Lots of gorgeous Howards.

  IM003038 IM003039 DSCN6639 DSCN6644 DSCN6641  
  Tonka truck - love their logo! Awesome kids play area with Tonka trucks! Rows of RV's.

  DSCN6642 DSCN6643 DSCN6645 DSCN6646 DSCN6647  
  More RV's. And more RV's. Beechcraft Proficiency Training panel of extremely knowledgeable instructors. Lots of familiar faces!

  IM003040 IM003041 IM003042 IM003043 IM003044  
  Quickie Monday's airshow.

  IM003046 IM003047 IM003052 IM003053 IM003054  
  Airbus 350 extra-wide-body arrives, OMG huge and quiet and graceful. Airbus taxies in. Tiny Hummingbird next to the RV's.

  DSCN6648 IM003055 IM003056 IM003057 IM003059  
  Tech up fixing a network connection. This is what I do now. More airshow going on. B29 "Fifi" on left, B52 on right

  IM003060 IM003061 IM003062 IM003063 IM003089  
  B29, B52, rare Avro Lancaster on right. Avro Lancaster from Canada.

  IM003064 IM003090 DSCN6651 DSCN6653 DSCN6654  
  B52 doesn't sit much taller than Fifi. Chinese delivery! Yummy chinese from Jade Dragon. Thanks Ross for discovering they deliver!!!! They deliver to Oshkosh gates!

  DSCN6655 DSCN6656 DSCN6657 DSCN6658 DSCN6659  
  Piping hot, lots of veggies, yumm!! This is their "small" plate, plenty of food. Mike and Joanie (gorgeous Citrabria) enjoy the Chinese food too. Give them the street address or Oshkosh gate#, and they show up with food.

  DSCN6660 DSCN6661 DSCN6662 DSCN6663 DSCN6664  
  Remembering the address for next year :-) Monday evening in Vintage parking/camping. Sunset Monday July 20, 2015 at AirVenture.

  DSCN6665 DSCN6666 DSCN6667 DSCN6668 DSCN6669  
  Tuesday morning. Redbird is still east of Twin Comanche, east of Citabria, east of 82H. That'll change when Joanie & Mike leave (bummer!) N89297 at Oshkosh 2015 Twin Comanche has no struts, but TWO props for hanging wet towels out to dry :-)

  DSCN6670 DSCN6671 DSCN6673 DSCN6674 DSCN6675  
  Cindy hanging out in the shade of the Citabria. N182H at Oshkosh 2015, Happy Birthday balloons are all deflated now after Saturday morning storm and a couple days in the sun. SeaBee taxies out. N64PN After Citabria departs, we move Redbird next to 82H.

  DSCN6676 DSCN6677 DSCN6678 DSCN6679 DSCN6680  
  N89297 in its second parking location at Oshkosh 2015. Still row 66W. Row 66W is an awesome location! Sue and Brenda next to N182H

  DSCN6682 DSCN6684 DSCN6685 IM003068 IM003069  
  Sue and N182H at Oshkosh 2015. Happy 50th Birthday N182H. Scott brought us more inflated Happy Birthday balloons. Thanks Scott!! Brenda on far left taking photos :-)

  IM003070 IM003071 IM003072 IM003073 20150721_190744  
  Goodyear Blimp over the vintage area Tuesday evening. Blimp from underneath 82H's wing. Brenda, Ross, Cindy Tuesday eve after the airshow, a rare Call-Air arrives to fill the empty spot in our row.

  20150721_190822 DSCN6690 DSCN6691 DSCN6692 DSCN6693  
  Pre-cursor to the Pawnee, only 17 Call-Airs were built. Wed morning the Call-Air is set up for show. We love the "Please Touch" sign. Built in Afton, WY. Interior of Call-Air.

  IM003074 IM003075 IM003076 IM003077 IM003078  
  Wednesday morning from the Nikon platform. Very few open spaces now! Row straight out from the red truck is our row. Looking south, Vintage is not full but parking goes a long way south. Row on the right, far far end, is 82H's tail. Taken from the shower truck. Camping in the trees - a perk for the serious volunteers who put in 12+ hours a day every day. The shower trucks. Last year one truck per gender, this year individual stalls. Needs more ventilation but pretty cushy!

  IM003079 IM003080 IM003081 IM003083 IM003085  
  Rows and rows of jaw-dropping gorgeous planes. In front of Vintage center, a Wright Flyer replica. F-22 Raptors in front of the Airbus 350. Beech Starship 2000A N514RS at Oshkosh 2015.

  IM003087 IM003088 IM003091 DSCN6694 DSCN6695  
  A line is forming to tour the inside of the Airbus. Raptors in front of the B52. Line for the Airbus is now very long. Bob is working aircraft parking at Point Fondy again, Wednesday morning. Lots of depatures to be marshalled.

  DSCN6696 DSCN6697 DSCN6698 DSCN6699 DSCN6702  
  Lining up to depart 36L.

  DSCN6703 DSCN6706 DSCN6707 DSCN6711 DSCN6712  
  The Quickie that we saw earlier at show center. Jets lining up to depart behind a pretty red Ercoupe. Little biplane, big jet, everyone lines up for departure. Lots of pretty bonanzas. Amphibs of any year can park in Vintage.

  DSCN6714 DSCN6715 IM003092 IM003093 DSCN6717  
  N2711C about to engine start for departure. N2473C While Bob directs planes for departure, Sue and Brenda are at the Womens Power Lunch at Theatre in the Woods. Ultralights departing.

  DSCN6718 DSCN6719 IM003094 IM003095 IM003096  
  Meanwhile Sue is awed at Vernice Armour, a wonderful inspirational speaker. The first female african-american combat fighter pilot, she flew helicopters. Her speech was SOOO good that Sue and Brenda both went over to her book signing and bought a copy!

  IM003097 IM003098 IM003099 DSCN6720 DSCN6722  
  She changed from flight suit to civvies as part of her illustration of how our lives change. Wed airshow, Airbus 350 departing. So graceful in turns! Bob is still on flight line duty. Everyone in the crowd with eyes and cameras skyward.

  DSCN6723 DSCN6724 IM003102 IM003103 IM003104  
  Selfie on flight line. Fed Ex jet arrives for static display at show center after the Airbus departs. Smoke rising from the awesome pyrotechnics during the airshow, simulating bomb drops from the WWII bombers flying.

  IM003105 IM003107 IM003108 IM003109 IM003110  
  F22 heads out for another airshow demo flight. Everyone watching the WWII bombers and fighters during the airshow.

  IM003111 IM003112 IM003117 IM003131 IM003134  
  Japanese Zero Great view from the wing of a DC3

  IM003138 IM003143 DSCN6725 IM003151 DSCN6727  
  Aerobatic Bonanza wow F22 in formation with a P38 and a P51 Passing overhead F22 with Bob's camera

  IM003153 IM003157 IM003160 IM003161 IM003162  
  F22 with Sue's camera Wed eve, Theatre in the Woods, Apollo 13 astronauts and controllers remember the mission. Blimp flies over the Apollo 13 stories. Sunset on the blimp Goodyear Blimp at Oshkosh 2015 showing the flag on its screen.

  IM003163 IM003164 20150722_195048 DSCN6732 IM003168  
  Halo from the sunset. Behind the trees, powered parachutes flying off the Ultralight strip. All during the Apollo 13 talk. Photo from Bob's tablet Thursday morning N89297 and N182H at Oshkosh 2015 Call-Air

  IM003169 IM003173 IM003174 IM003176 IM003177  
  F22's are still here Thursday along with a ton of WWII warbirds. TBM Avenger Corsair, P51, C47

  IM003178 IM003179 IM003180 IM003182 DSCN6741  
  P-40 Warhawk Japanese Zero B25's P38

  DSCN6742 DSCN6743 DSCN6744 DSCN6745 DSCN6746  
  F22 and P38

  DSCN6747 DSCN6748 DSCN6749 DSCN6750 DSCN6752  
  Most amazing part was that these warbirds in show center represented only a fraction of the planes up in Warbird Central - hundreds and hundreds more there!

  DSCN6753 DSCN6754 DSCN6755 DSCN6756 DSCN6757  

  DSCN6758 DSCN6759 DSCN6760 DSCN6761 DSCN6762  

  IM003184 IM003185 IM003186 IM003188 IM003189  
  Harrier Harrier in hover, converting jet fuel into noise. Harrier over the Vintage Flight Ops building. Friday morning, Cindy and Ross depart in their Twin Comanche. Pulled out and ready for engine start.

  IM003190 IM003191 IM003192 IM003194 IM003196  
  Exhausted but exhilarated after a week camping at Oshkosh! Bob, Sue, Brenda about to depart Oshkosh for home. Bob and Redbird.

  IM003198 IM003201 IM003202 IM003203 DSCN6771  
  Jer has arrived to take Redbird home. Brenda at Oshkosh! Flight line verifies we're clear to engine start.

  DSCN6772 DSCN6773 DSCN6775 DSCN6776 DSCN6778  
  Scooter leads us out. Leaving Redbird for Jer/ to fly home. Waving goodbye to the Call-Air. Awesome folks we camped next to, waving bye.

  DSCN6783 DSCN6787 DSCN6791 IM003209 IM003210  
  Crossing guards stop traffic as we taxi by. We worked that volunteer position last year! taxiing out past Flight Ops to Classic Point. Looking back towards parking. Following the conga line for departure. Taxiing north past show center.

  DSCN6793 DSCN6795 DSCN6796 DSCN6801 DSCN6802  
  Past the airshow planes Approaching controllers on left. Fort Tri-Motor just launching.

  IM003221 IM003222 20150724_095626 20150724_095633 20150724_095813  
  Practicing for airshow during departures. Controllers for departures on 18R. Long line behind us. Lining up on left and right sides of the runway for depatures. We line up left of the blue dot.

  DSCN6807 DSCN6808 DSCN6809 DSCN6810 DSCN6811  
  Lifting off from 18R, past the airshow planes. STOL planes, DC3, B52, show center. Bottom left silver C140 then red Stinson, that was our row, we were all the way far out west.

  IM003223 IM003224 DSCN6814 IM003225 DSCN6815  
  Passing the grass ultralight strip, departing southbound. North end of the South 40 of Vintage, lots of empty spots. Further west, the camping area with a bijillion airstreams. The "South 40"

  DSCN6816 DSCN6818 DSCN6820 DSCN6822 DSCN6826  
  South end of Vintage's "South 40", looks like it never filled up. Brenda flies the departure, 1300 MSL. XM shows a big storm to our west. We debate going around to the south, as going north takes us through Fisk/Ripon area. Bob Brenda flying the departure.

  DSCN6831 DSCN6832 DSCN6834 IM003228 IM003232  
  Sue selfie Crossing the Mississippi River Lots of little islands in the river.

  IM003234 IM003236 IM003238 IM003239 IM003241  
  Cool cloud swirls Interesting shapes from the topography of farming here. Cool colors from what has already been harvested.

  DSCN6835 DSCN6837  
  Engine stop at FNL, home! 8.0 hobbs return trip, we're hot and tired!

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