Practice at Marble airstrip, 11 August 2012

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For the annual fly-in to Marble on the second weekend of September, Sue had only flown in as a passenger with Bob. But this year Sue wanted to take her plane which frees up Bob's plane for another partner who wanted it, so Bob and Sue will go to the fly-in in Sue's cessna... which means Sue should go practice there first with a locally experienced instructor, like JohnM who graciously agreed to take the day to instruct. Since we already had to get permission to fly into the private strip for this practice day, Bob figured it would be fun to go up there too in his Cessna with RandyB another mountain instructor, and Jer/ came along too with Bob and Doug.

Much fun flying into Marble, then Glenwood Springs for fuel, then Kremmling for lunch, Longmont to top off on fuel, then back to FNL.

  DSCN0670 DSCN0672 DSCN0673 DSCN0676 DSCN0677  
  Handsome devils Randy and Bob in 90K. Notch in the mountains west of Granby looking towards Kremmling. State Bridge

  DSCN0679 DSCN0680 DSCN0681 DSCN0682 DSCN0686  
  bubble canopy window - lens flare Redstone canyon, McClure pass straight ahead. McClure pass on the right. Marble airstrip looking north-east. Looking down at 82H on final, from 90K on downwind.

  DSCN0691 DSCN0693 DSCN0695 DSCN0696 DSCN0699  
  upwind on south side of the Marble airstrip. Looking down south from downwind, 13G on the ground crosswind looking west straight down the airstrip, McClure pass is farther west around the corner of the valley. Randy flying 90K into Marble.

  DSCN0700 DSCN0704 IM000859 IM000860 IM000861  
  Still handsome :-) Doug at the controls of 90K flying into Marble. Looking west at 90K on short final, from the east end of the airstrip. 90K on touchdown. 90K taxing in with 82H in the background.

  IM000862 IM000863 IM000864 DSCN0707 DSCN0709  
  Bob, Randy, Jer/ and 13G JohnM John and 90K (with Bob and Doug on board). After Marble, going into Glenwood for fuel. 13G, 90K, and 82H.

  DSCN0710 DSCN0711 IM000873 IM000875 DSCN0712  
  N7390K N7390K over Cottonwood pass, just south-west of Eagle. 82H just left of center, from 90K, approaching to form up.

  DSCN0714 DSCN0718 DSCN0719 DSCN0721 DSCN0722  
  Forming up on the 45, John flying 82H. N182H over Eagle, from N7390K N182H over Eagle 82H

  DSCN0725 DSCN0726 DSCN0727 DSCN0728 DSCN0729  
  After lunch at Kremmling, heading to Longmont for fuel. Handsome devils Looking at 82H through the window - a speck over the water. Close-up of 82H in loose formation.

  DSCN0730 DSCN0731 DSCN0732 DSCN0733 DSCN0734  
  Longmont - Doug used to own this plane! N758FV

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