Hike Mt Bierstadt 14,060 ft 22 July 2012

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  Good signs at the Mt Bierstadt trailhead. Looking back west at the cars parked on the road - parking lot was packed long before we got there at 7:15. Looking east, hump on the right is Bierstadt. Gorgeous boardwalk through the willow bog.

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  Wood is shiny in the early morning? Frost on the boardwalk - so it gets down to freezing overnight at 11,000 feet. About a mile into the hike, looking west at the road. Cars line the road on both sides now in both directions. About 2 miles into the hike, above the willows on the open tundra. Just to the right of the parking lot in the distance, downhill, are trees - that's treeline elevation.

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  Looking uphill at Bierstadt coming into view on the far left. Bob VERY crowded trail! Looking uphill at Bierstadt Right of the parking lot (at Guanella Pass) the road has been completely redone down to Georgetown - all new blacktop snaking through the trees. No more potholes!

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  Getting closer to Bierstadt. About 3 miles in, parking lot is a long ways out (past the lake). Looking north downhill at the trail, lots of people.

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  Finally at the saddle ~500 feet below the peak. Gorgeous views to the south from here. Tiny dog on her shoulder partly was carried and partly walked on his own. Nearly at the top, looking north.

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  Looking north-east. Bob just uphill of the saddle. Finally, the summit of Mt Bierstadt! You and 1000 of your closest friends :-) Only 4 miles back down to the parking lot to go :-) Looking north-west.

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  Bob at the summit. Official geological marker at the summit of Mt Bierstadt. Tons of people made it to the summit. Sue at the summit of Mt Bierstadt.

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  Fresh Blueberries at 14,060 feet :-) Lookit all them cars - in the lower lot, in the upper lot, along both sides of the road... very popular hike! Love the t-shirt - buy one and support small businesses! noon and already the clouds are rolling in.

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