Hiking Chasm Lake, RMNP 15 July 2012

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  Cannot believe we got this prime parking space right in front of the ranger station at 8:50am. Pure luck, most folks were parked a ways down the road. Great signs here. Tons of great warnings here, but still every year somebody dies trying to climb Longs. Sigh. Kodak moment.

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  Nearing tree line looking east at Twin Sisters (another great free hike). Same location looking west at Meeker on the left and Longs in the middle. More than halfway to Chasm! The famous notch to the left of Longs Peak... gorgeous. This is the view from the privy of all places, at the T where the trail splits for Longs vs Chasm.

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  Snowfield on the right is just above Chasm Lake, around the corner. Water in the middle is Peacock Pool. Peacock Pool. First glimpse of the waterfalls below Chasm, with top-right snowfield, middle is the upper waterfall, and part of the lower waterfall visible. At the T.

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  The bottom waterfall below Chasm is pretty spectacular.

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  Columbines everywhere here.

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  Stopped for lunch just below the upper waterfall. The flat area above the waterfall is Chasm. Nearly there! Yummy caffeine! Bob and Sue just below Chasm Lake. Chasm Lake with snowfields in the background.

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  Very clear water in the lake. The view of Longs and its vertical cliffs... awesome. Free trail map at the ranger station. They have great t-shirts too! Started sprinkling the last 1/4 mile (~2:30pm), by the time we got to the car it was a downpour.

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  Ahhh swapping wet socks & shoes for Tevas after a long hike... priceless.

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