Hiking Sandbeach Lake, RMNP August 28, 2011

Bob & Sue & Dave & Patty hiked to Sandbeach Lake in Rocky Mountain National Park in the Wild Basin area.

It is truly a sandy beach. The trail arrives at the lake at the north-east end, near the inlet streams. A decent footpath leads around the east side to the south-east edge outlet, where there is a stunning view looking back north.

Day totals - 9 miles round-trip, about 1800 feet of elevation gain.

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  IM003982 IM003983 IM003984 IM003985 IM003986  
  Trailhead, parking lot is right at the Wild Basin entrance to RMNP. UCLA Highlander with ranger station in background. Starting up the trail. About a half mile up the trail, gorgeous views of the Copeland valley to the south. Marsh and stream / ponds below, looking south-east.

  IM004030 IM004028 IM004027 IM004026 IM004025  
  Wildflowers Squirrel on the log chittered at me then ran away. Tiny blue berries. Edible? Dunno. Lots of tiny wildflowers along the trail. 1.4 miles in, 3.1 miles to go.

  IM004024 IM004022 IM004021 IM004019 IM004018  
  Pretty babbling brook alongside the trail. Hunters Creek and info on the native trout species. Tiny mushroom (maybe 1/4 inch tall) on the mossy bank of the creek. Did we mention it's mossy here?

  IM004017 IM004016 IM004015 IM004014 IM004013  
  Foot bridge over the creek. Looking upstream up Hunters Creek. There is a footpath on the right (to Lyric Falls etc according to Lisa Foster's awesome book on RMNP hikes) Looking downstream. Bob Dave on the trail. Most of the trail is well-maintained.

  IM004012 IM003987 IM003988 IM003989 IM003990  
  Tons of moss up here on the trail. Very humid! Info on the trout in this lake. Bob with Sandbeach Lake in background. Sue Sandbeach lake,looking south.

  IM003991 IM003992 IM003993 IM003994 IM003995  
  Looking south-west. The inlet stream is to the right. Patty, Bob, Dave - lunch break! Fresh Rapsberries at 10,000 feet. It really is a sandy beach, time to sun bathe!

  IM003996 IM003997 IM003998 IM004000 IM004001  
  Lunch in the shade, lie in the sun... ah this is a good life. The inlet stream on the north-east edge of the lake. Pretty babbling brook. Pretty flowers everywhere.

  IM004002 IM004011 IM004003 IM004004 IM004006  
  Footpath around east edge is mostly obvious, fades a bit here and there. On the footpath around the east side of the lake, found this. Looks like somebody is teaching how to build a lean-to. From the south-east edge of the lake (outlet) looking north-east to the sandy beach at bottom.

  IM004009 IM004010 IM004007 IM004008  
  Still a little snow up above tree-line. The outlet stream. No obvious trace that this was once dammed up.

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