Burn's Night Jan 27 - 31 2011 Gypsum CO

For Burn's Night this year, Keith found a huge house up in Gypsum for rent. The house quickly filled up and although Heather couldn't make it up at the last minute we still had eleven of us in a house that slept twelve. House has a huge great room, 3 master suites, and lots of bunk beds. Nice hot tub too! Good internet connection (a little slow but with 9 folks on laptops that's to be expected), some cell phones didn't work up there but only 3 miles into town for grocery store and good cell service.

Dave and Patty and Bob and Sue went snowshoeing Thu-Fri-Sat, Sarah went skiing, while most other folks hung out and hot tubbed and played games and put together jigsaw puzzles (and Keith and Shuman had to work some, blech). Our only disappointment was that we were expecting 3 feet of snow on the ground at the house so that we could build an igloo or snow cave (or both!) in the back yard, but Gypsum was dry. Plenty of snow up in the hills for snowshoeing and skiing, and gorgeous blue sky days. We even got George on snoeshoes one day!

Gorgeous rental house, "Teddy Bear Lodge", would recommend it. More info here, rental info here. Huge rooms, immaculately clean, we would go back!

  IM003440 IM003441 IM003442 IM003443 IM003444  
  Banana-grams -- making connected words under time pressure. George in the hot tub at sunset. Very nice hot tub! Bob with his laptop. Dave caught with his laptop. Patty with her laptop.

  IM003445 IM003446 IM003448 IM003449 IM003464  
  Shuman on his laptop while Keith and Ann banana-gram. George - one of the few times I'd seen him with his hair down. Bob dual-keyboarding on George and Keith's laptops while Shuman advises. Ann with her Mac laptop. First jigsaw puzzle of the weekend.

  IM003481 IM003482 IM003483 IM003484 IM003485  
  Sarah with her netbook, Jodi was the only holdout who didn't bring a laptop! First jigsaw puzzle nearly done, cut off Ann on the left with her Kindle. Bob in kilt, for Burn's Night. Keith cooks up a feast for Burn's Night. Rosemary Lemon chicken, mmmm.

  IM003486 IM003487 IM003488 IM003489 IM003490  
  Cumin carrots and leeks, mmmmm. No haggis this year, and there was much rejoicing. First jigsaw puzzle done, except for the usual one missing piece. Starting on the second jigsaw puzzle - Sarah, George, Patty, Chris, Jodi. Keith and laptop. George in his usual spot, cat-in-the-sun happy.

  IM003491 IM003492 IM003493 IM003494 IM003495  
  Sarah back on the netbook now that second jigsaw puzzle is complete. Jodi back to thread-crochet. Chris is the only one who brought a laptop and never opened it. Will power! Second jigsaw puzzle. Happy mac'ing

  IM003496 IM003497 IM003498 IM003499 IM003500  
  The upstairs loft with Patty and Dave on their laptops. As always Dave has the coolest geekiest weather images up :-) From the loft looking down on a game, I think this was was called "Set". We did play games other than bananagram just didn't get photos - Wise and otherwise, Killer Bunnies, Ticket to Ride, Dominion, Sabotage...

  img_5690 img_5691 img_5692 img_5693  
  From the wrap-around deck looking south up the valley towards Cottonwood Pass. From the front porch looking south-east. From a hill above the house looking down on Teddy Bear Lodge. Ann on the hike up the hill. Gorgeous blue sky day!

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