Snowshoe Zimmerman Lake 23 January 2011

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  Bob and Sue at the usual signpost. From that signpost looking north. Bob and John. John at the north-west edge of Zimmerman Lake. On the trail going up, we ran into SteveS and other members of Larimer County SAR who had been doing snowcave training the night prior. Lots of caves up here!

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  Note the small entrance hole - it was a larger hole but after cave completion they blocked up the top 2/3 of the hole with large snow blocks. That's "Sam" up above, several kids playing the caves. Bob crawled inside. Very different designs on these caves - things to learn for our next snow caving trip! Other folks were up here wandering through the caves, I think 6 caves in all. The Loop Trail around Zimmerman Lake, nice blue trail markers, but breaking trail is hard work. A snowman on the south-east side of the lake.

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  Bob and John with the snowman. From the south-east edge of Zimmerman Lake looking north-west.

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