24 December 2010 Snowshoe Bierstadt Lake, and Nymph and Dream Lakes, Bear Lake trailhead

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  Patty, enjoying the quiet - Bierstadt Lake trail was not crowded, especially compared to Bear Lake and Nymph/Dream. Bob and Dave, note Bob is carrying his snowshoes. The trail is well-packed so snowshoes are not really needed. Bierstadt Lake, looking north. Bierstadt Lake, looking east northeast Patty and Dave.

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  lunch! Looking west at the misty mountains. Bob and Sue at Bierstadt Lake.

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  Went "oooh, aaaah" at Bierstadt Lake, back to Bear Lake, then on to Nymph Lake. Looking down on Nymph Lake, east-ish. Looking south Kodak moment at Nymph Lake overlook. Bob at Dream Lake, 1/2 mile past Nymph Lake. 9957 feet according to Dave's GPS.

  We spent 45 seconds here at Dream Lake, enough to take 2 photos, and ran back downhill to get out of the biting cold wind. This (and the parking lot) were the only windy spots all day. About 8 miles round-trip total, both trails were well-packed and plenty of snow with no bare spots, fun day!

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