Hiking Round Mountain (west of Loveland, CO) 29 August 2010

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  In the parking lot, a deer! We didn't see another deer on the entire hike but this one was totally unafraid. We were taking off our Tevas (velcro rrriiiippp) and putting on our hiking shoes, chatting, she just kept eating. And she got within 15 feet of us, just used to humans. Gotta be a mule deer with those huge ears.

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  We finally tired of taking pictures of the deer and headed up the trail. This is a famous notch in the trail between mile marker 2 and 3.

  IM002855 IM002856 IM002857 IM002858 IM002859  
  About 1/4 mile from the top (~4.7 miles each way), several butterflies let us take photos. At the top, typical Subway lunch with Pepsi (Throwback real sugar, good stuff!) and diet Mountain Dew for me. Subway sandwiches pack really well for hiking.

  IM002860 IM002861 IM002863 IM002864 IM002865  
  Huge 5 foot high cairn marks the top and end of trail. Took us 2:35 on the way up (2700' vertical climb), 2 hours down. Camera on timer here, nice setup Bob! On the way down just west of the notch, nice view to the south-east. Same point but looking straight east, just right of the tree branch below the horizon is the white sugar mill tower in south Loveland.

  IM002866 IM002867  
  Just east of the notch another photo opportunity. Sugar mill towers in Loveland are on the right this time.

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