January 6-13 2008 Pagosa Springs

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  On the drive down, after Cumbres was closed and we were on Hwy 285 crossing into New Mexico.. the wind blowing on the snow was amazing. settling into the house Sunday evening Ann and the tree Nice house! Monday morning, the laptops are appearing already

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  Bob the god-geek got the DSL modem working and provided wireless Keith makes breakfast, always yummy Patty had a burst of energy and decided to shovel the driveway.. and shovel the patio... the next day we had to shovel out the satellite dish Dueling laptops on the counter

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  and in the living room. We had 7 laptops for 8 adults. Chris tries to start the gaming by pulling out "Wings of War" Instead we go snowshoeing around the neighborhood. Chris creates his own trail Patty, Ann, Dave, Heather, Keith We found a sledding hill with some kids hiking up and sledding down. Notice the right-most building in the background

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  We were wondering where to go next and the sledders parents asked us to create a trail to that building in previous photo. Sure! When we got there we found these cool snow sculptures Ann from the back The snow on the roof is cracking and "avalanching". Steep roof! The house we're renting for the week. Nice place...

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  Skiing at Purgatory - Bob and the view Bob, Chris, Heather, Dave and with a nice view in the background. End of day in the parking lot, there's a car under tehre!

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  The ski hill in the background Lots of construction going on here

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  On the drive back down the valley towards Durango, a gliderport! Usually there are deer-crossing signs. Down here it's Elk-crossing! jigsaw puzzles are irresistable

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  Hmmmm... Thursday, heading to Wolf Creek to ski.. mountains north-east of Pagosa Fog and clouds on the mountains ice waterfalls on the drive up

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  helicopter spotted circling, we're guessing it's searching for the lost snowboarders Wolf Creek ski area A nice ski patrol guy took this shot of Dave, Sue, Bob

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  Still lots of untracked powder, and this is the first run we hit (ie a high-travel area) yet another glorious vista On the run it was deep dave plays in the powder

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  Still deep on the run Much better in the trees Hmm which way to go? Gorgeous powder! steep and deep

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  untracked... Sue's covered... from falling down :-) No lift lines at Wolf Creek (on a weekday)

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  on the left and right, wind blowing snow above the mountains One of the fun steep runs uphill another chopper! Must be searching for the snowboarders... it was blowing snow off the trees Heading back at end of day, fog on the hills

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  The avalanche chute on the right - the hill of snow next to the road another mini-avalanche on a steep hill runaway truck ramp... buried in a lot of snow Friday - candyland!

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  The adult version of Candyland that is Bob with his laptop = Bob in his happy place Lego was popular too!

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  Phase 10 - much fun Wits & Wagers

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  bigtime Packers fan Keith in his happy place The wall of snow on the right is taller than the cars Homebound now, passing Wolf Creek

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