Snowshoeing and digging a snowcave Part 2, 8 Jan 2006

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  Near the top of the Zimmerman Lake trail Laura has a big smile! Ann makes a face behind Patty, Dave, and Bob Tucker the dog has the coolest outfit in blaze orange and reflective tape Keith & Ann, and Chris. Cut off half of Bob :-)

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  Posing with Tucker and the sign Tucker takes off ahead of Laura Bob digs his hole The other Bob digs his hole. Will they meet? Break-through - the 2 caves meet!

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  Digging out the interior takes a while to move the blocks all the way outside. Easier with 2 people. Tall enough inside to sit upright! Lots of room inside, with an alcove at the left

  IM002938 IM002939 IM002940  
  This entrace hole is HUGE, but we plan to use blocks from digging out the inside to make the hole smaller Laura's 6 feet up from the bottom of the pit It got a lot colder inside when the caves were joined and the wind could blow through the two entrances. We'd block off one of them to make it warmer, but it was faster to dig with two.

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