JennyN Solo  Jan 15 2004

Congrats Jenny on a great solo in a C152 Sparrowhawk N49209

Thanks to co-CFI's John Mitchell and Sue Wolber, and $$ and time and instruction also donated by Jer/ Eberhard, Diane Rutter-Wassom, and Bob Proulx.  

Pictures from John Mitchell:

  Jenny_solo_back_taxi_15Jan04 Jenny_solo_engine_start_15Jan04 Jenny_solo_roll_out_15Jan04 Jenny_solo_rollout_2nd_landing_15Jan04 Jenny_solo_second_landing_15Jan04  

  Jenny_solo_short_final_15Jan04 Jenny_solo_taxi_out_15Jan04 Jenny_solo_touchdown  

and more pictures...

  IM001332 IM001333 IM001334 IM001335 IM001336  

  IM001337 IM001338 IM001339 IM001340 IM001341  

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