March 2019 Trip to Sharon, Boston (LibrePlanet Conference), and New York City
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  Sue at DIA - everyone in security line must go 2 by 2 past this dog handler. At the moment the line is stopped while the dog takes a break. When the dog is back "on", the handler weaves the dog in between each pair of peopkle walking down this aisle. Why? The dog wasn't sniffing at the people. Are the posts hiding facial recognition? I asked 3 airport securty folks and all denied any knowledge of what was going on...??? Meanwhile... Bob in traffic - on the airport shuttle bus - trying to get to Boston Logan to meet Sue's flight. It helped greatly having a "tour guide" to get from airport -> shuttle bus -> subway -> hike -> hostel without getting lost 4 times :-) Friday we touristed around Boston Commons and the Freedom Trail, but the rain made photo taking difficult. Here's one stop we made at the Granary Burial Grounds. Restroom at Free Software Foundation (FSF) office - great sign for diversity/inclusion!  

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  GNU costume at FSF office Sue with GNU gnu at Friday eve welcome party. No pictures at the conference, but videos are available for download at media download Monday after LibrePlanet Conference, catching a train down to NYC to tourist for a few days. Train was inexpensive, VERY comfy, and great views of the cities and ocean-front from Boston South-Station to NYC Penn Station Rest of the train was empty pulling out of South Station. A bunch of people got on at Back Bay, and more as we headed south, but in general the train was nowhere near full.  

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  In NYC eating street food for lunch - great gyros! In Penn Station, Austin (VERY nice helpful homeless guy) taught us how to get a subway card and gave us great hints on how to navigate around. Wish we'd given him a bigger tip! Gorgeous churches in NYC from mid-east-side hostel, heading north-west towards Central Park to start touristing around. Lots of beautiful buildings Statue at south-east end of Central Park - William Tecumseh Sherman - Civil War general on his horse, led by a winged female figure personifying victory. Horse-and-carriage rides available in Central Park  

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  Sue in Central Park black squirrel. We also saw a grey squirrel. Interesting diversity in one park! Fire Hydrant - buried in the ground after so many years of dirt accumulation? Or was it planned this way? Just doesn't look planned... Daniel Webster "Liberty and Union, Now and Forever, One and Inseparable"  

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  Next we walked down 5th Avenue in uptown (higher street numbers) then subway'd down to downtown (lower street numbers) and all the way under the river to Brooklyn. Pretzel for dinner (it's now 10pm) inside the Subway station In Brooklyn we wandered around till we found our way up onto the Brooklyn Bridge, which is fun to walk across, especially at night. There's a very nice pedestrian and bike path above the traffic for residents to commute or tourists to wander across the bridge. Looking north to the Manhatten Bridge - cars on top, subway on lower deck It's past sunset and the traffic is just now beginning to not be gridlock. On a Monday.  

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  Manhatten Skyline Blurry shot looking way south - central greenish is the Statue of Liberty Bob and Sue on the Brooklyn Bridge, south-east Manhatten in background. Notice hats and gloves, it's COLD in March here! But hey it's not raining :-) Delivery bikes For Bill Tucker  

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  Sue at the Wall Street charging bull Iconic landmark! Caught the 10:30pm Staten Island ferry - free! Yeah it's blurry, but trust us that's the real Statue of Liberty. You'd need a tripod to get a good shot at night from a moving boat. Bob and Sue selfie with Statue of Liberty  

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  We lucked out and caught the 11pm ferry back, didn't have to wait 30 minutes for the next ferry. Now trying for a better shot on the ferry back, but it's just tough at night. Sue stares out at the skylines at night. The ferry was mostly empty this late at night (it runs 24 hours a day on the half hour). Bob and Sue with Manhatten Skyline from Staten Island ferry at 11:15pm looking back Times Square at midnight  

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  Even on a Monday at midnight there's plenty of people here By 1am it's starting to thin out. More great shots around Times Square  

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  We then walked north till we ran into... The Late Show Sue under the sign Radio City Music Hall  

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  Tuesday morning we started at Grand Central Station, to catch a subway over to the Intrepid Sea/Air/Space museum Man this place is huge! Gorgeous and busy place Carvings on the ceiings are beautiful On the hike from the subway stop to Intrepid - NYPD smart cars!  

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  whole row of them. Pretty cute, and useful! Intrepid aircraft carrier / museum nice walkway over the busy street to the entrance Enterprise space shuttle inside a building on the rear deck of the carrier tons of way cool aircraft on the Intrepid front deck - this is an Israeli Kfir (meaning "lion cub" in Hebrew)  

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  Info about the Kfir F16 Info about the F16A Lockheed A-12 -- Smaller precursor of the SR71 Info about the A-12  

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  F14 Tomcat Info about the Tomcat Grumman A-6E Intruder Info about the Grumman A-6E Intruder Grumman F11F Tiger (also used by Blue Angels)  

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  Info about the Tiger Grumman F9F-8 Cougar Info about the Grumman F9F-8 Cougar Grumman WF-2 Tracer Info about the Grumman WF-2 Tracer  

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  More and more cool planes! Bell UH-1A Huey More info. John is not mentioned :-( The elevator is down a couple feet from the main deck - we take a ride on the restored and functional aircraft elevator while a guide gives us a talk on how these elevators were used. The "meatball" aiming system for aircraft carrier landings - follow the center red dot!  

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  Info on the optical landing system Bob at the optical landing sytem Paddle-boarder in the calm waters next to the Intrepid Also on display - the Growler submarine Used for potential missile warfare during the cold war  

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  Sue after taking photos of the outside of the Growler. The tour inside the sub was pretty cool too! After a couple hours here, we finally waved good-bye to the Intrepid. Pretty cool how the Space Shuttle "Enterprise" is in the building on the rear deck - a museum inside a museum! Then we hiked to the north end of the High Line trail - an abandoned raised railway turned into pedestrian walkway and gardens. Looking back north-west at the river and New Jersey on the west side  

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  High Line goes right by the West side of Penn Station with all the trains outside More info about the High Line trail and its long restoration/creation Looking north along the trail. The old railbed has been allowed to "go wild". Not sure what this is, but a lot of people are walking up and down it! Closer-up view of the trainyard on the west side of Penn Station from the High Line.  

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  Getting off the High Line to find out what this interesting set of stairs is. Tourists posing at the entrance. No strollers, and guards at entrance were just enforcing a quota of how many people were allowed in at a time. Ah, "Hudson Yards". Free to walk up, just get a free ticket so they can count number of visitors. Times Square during the day Nowhere near as impressive as at night  

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  Way cool parking lot with vertical parking slots for cars! Innovative! Sue at M&M store Sue with Transformer Robot inside FAO Schwartz Lego store with cool toys to build like the Falcon  

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  Lego version of the outdoor ice rink at Rockafeller Center (just 2 steps down the street) and yes there are people ice skating for real! Rockafeller tower with cool lights around it