This was the most powerful hail storm I have experience. And I have been through a lot of hail over the years! These hailstones sounded like they were going to come through the roof. I picked up some stones that rebounded onto the porch. There was no way I was going to step out into the storm to pick up choice bigger ones. That would have been suicidal. These in the photos were ones I picked up from the rebound from where it was safe. This storm lasted long and very powerful for a long time. My poor car got nailed. Broke the brake light. Broke the rear wiper. But all in all didn't change the value of my beater car any.

  DSCN6056 DSCN6057 DSCN6058 DSCN6059 DSCN6060  
  Last night This noon Stripped No grapes this year Bad hit

  DSCN6061 DSCN6062 DSCN6063 DSCN6064 DSCN6065  
  The two worst hits Bad hit New dents Fresh hits

  DSCN6066 DSCN6067 DSCN6068 DSCN6069 DSCN6070  
  New dents

  DSCN6071 DSCN6072 DSCN6073 DSCN6075 DSCN6074  

  DSCN6076 DSCN6077 DSCN6078 DSCN6079 DSCN6080  

  DSCN6081 DSCN6082 DSCN6083 DSCN6084 DSCN6085  
  So ugly you can't tell

  DSCN6086 DSCN6087 DSCN6089 DSCN6088  
  Broken skylights

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