My Desktop Fan - 2014-04-12

The fan on my desktop finally got too bad for me to ignore. This system hasn't been powered off in several years. As can be seen by the layers of dust! Wow! Although I had a fan of the right square size it was too thick and would not fit into the power supply case.

The workaround was to hack around it by leaving the case off. Don't try this at home boys and girls. I left the case off. I used a larger 120mm fan and tacked it to the side with zip ties. That will work until I can get a proper sized replacement and put it all back together again. But it is working. I am here uploading pictures using it right now. And it is so nice that it is quiet again. So nice not to hear the vibration.

  20140412_163853 20140412_163859 20140412_171638 20140412_171838  
  Years of dust. The bad fan. Bad fan! No biscuit. No PS case. Do not try this yourself. The oversized fan in place.

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