C140 at Leadville Colorado -- 2012-11-04

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  Just took off from FNL and pointed West looking at Longs Peak. Bob is in his happy place. Heading up into the Rocks. Longs Peak in the background. 13,220 feet MSL.

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  Looks good to cross over the divide.

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  Mountain top obscuration. There is a cloud layer that I need to avoid.

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  On the ground in Kremmling parked next to Jer's C206. Jer's passengers take pictures as they fly by. Good shot.

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  The tinted window makes the photo blurry. Jer has his flaps down to go slower to keep back with me. Pretty plane. Jer made a fly-by and took pictures of me. I didn't take any pictures. I grabbed a picture of Jer's C206 after he went by. Looking South. Heading to Leadville.

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  13,160 feet MSL. Looking north toward the Leadville runway and town. On the ground at 10,000 feet! Jer's C206 is on the ramp too.

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  10,000 feet on the altimeter. About to roll onto the runway for takeoff. Looking down Runway 34 at Leadville at 10,000 feet MSL! Engine turning 2400 rpm and climbing at 75 mph. Life is good. High terrain and not much altitude. Need to very careful here. 10,300 feet MSL but only 300 feet AGL. But windy. So moving over to the uplift side of the valley to catch the uplift.

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  Look at the lenticular clouds! It is windy. A closer look at the lenticulars. 13,220 feet MSL! Looking at the backside of Longs Peak. Terrain on the other side is seen over the peaks. Almost ready to cross over the divide. 13,700 feet MSL looking at Longs Peak.

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  Last picture just before going over the pass and on to home. A nice flight through the mountains today.

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