Boom Lift Day at Bill's Windmill -- 2012-09-15

  IM000884 IM000886 IM000887 IM000888 IM000890  
  Bill and Dan organize the 900MHz link. Boom lift is in position for the job. Looking down at Dan and the boom lift from the top of the tower. Ron is supervising.

  IM000898 IM000899 image001 IM000901 IM000902  
  Dan is positioning in the lift. Bill and Ron are supervising. Dan working on the antennas. Bob is supervising. Dan has positioned to the airport side of the links. The boom lift is a wonderful machine.

  IM000903 IM000904  
  All done. Packed up and ready to leave. The 5GHz antenna for the other end of the link.

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