Harry Gates Hut 2012-02-10 - 2012-02-12

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The hike in this year was a tough one! The trail went up over the hill, then down and then back up again on the other side of the valley. Beautiful country though! Slow and steady got us there with no trouble but we arrived just at dark. Mark came down to help us haul the sled up that last hill and I was very appreciative!

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  In the parking lot, loading up the sled. Ready to go with sled in tow. Mark and Amanda. Partway up, Montgomery Flats area. Saturday morning, everyone is gearing up to head out for a day of skiing.

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  Standing at the back door looking right to the kitchen area of the hut. Looking left to the dining area, 6 sleeping areas down here. Upstairs are 6 more sleeping areas. Also two 2-person bedrooms upstairs.

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  Short walk to the outhouse. Harry Gates Hut. Looking south-east. Looking south towards Burnt Mountain. Bob, Ed, Libby taking practice runs.

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  Bob snowboarding! Zoomed in, almost back to the hut. Sat night dinner - salsa and guac for appetizer. Bob and Mark making the batter for the fish tacos.

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  Making fish tacos. Gorgeous shade of blue sky at late sunset. Fish tacos - yummy!

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  Bacon and eggs! Ed - self-portrait. Ed - self-portrait.

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  Waiting for the orange diamond relay. (Pass to the outhouse.) Kathy treats her blister. It must feel really good... NOT!


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