Marble Colorado Fly-In -- 2011-09-10

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  On the way to Marble Looking north towards Longs Peak. Looking west as we come up to the divide north of Corona Pass. Longs Peak to the north as we cross the divide. We're going up this valley, then left to Marble.

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  GPS shows the terrain (red is bad) as we head south over Redstone, ignore McClure Pass on the right and we'll go left to Marble. Looking down at Marble airport, looking north-east. Looking north, lots of planes parked there already. Runway is ahead of us but hidden around the hump on the left. Final approach as Bob brings us in for landing.

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  Short final landing east. L19 Bird dog is having fun, giving rides. Skylane was up giving rides too. The two flew formation Sue Blue, Paul Hauser, Bob, Vic.

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  N31KM N2829Y N150TB Several Birddogs together.

  IM004191 IM004192 IM004193 IM004194 IM004195  
  First of three red and white Super Cubs in a row. N8195A On the belly cargo pod - "Got Beer?" On the other side - "Got Wine?"

  IM004196 IM004197 IM004198 IM004199 IM004200  
  N1554P, Lynn's Super Cub N185ML, Mike's Cessna 185 N9513G, Jer/'s Cessna 206 N181MJ N57534, another pretty Super Cub

  IM004202 IM004203 IM004204 IM004205 IM004206  
  N3087C, a pretty Maule N182JV, a gorgeous Cessna Skylane Stinson coming in. N6725M, another pretty Stinson. N127SA

  IM004207 IM004208 IM004209 IM004210 IM004211  
  N254SA N205RV, an RV-7 N970MC, Mel's Glastar N3217V From the middle of the strip, looking south-west.

  IM004212 IM004213 IM004215 IM004216 IM004217  
  Looking south at the mountains. There is a plane in the middle of the picture, in the pattern for landing, see if you can spot it! N56180, a pretty Cessna 180 with a great tail number - a '56 C180! N6314B N8539X N3SM

  IM004218 IM004219 IM004220 IM004221 IM004222  
  N914FM landing at Marble. N223DH, a Murphy Moose (modified) N235WT About midfield, looking west. Zoomed in on west end, the "party" end :-)

  IM004223 IM004224 IM004225 IM004226 IM004227  
  Looking at the east end, quieter here but tons of dust from takeoffs. Dad2 and son Paul Hauser, N40GV N7390K as Bob returns from taking Sue Blue up for a ride. Sue Blue had a blast flying with Bob in N7390K. N235WT taxing out to the east end for departure Saturday.

  IM004228 IM004229 IM004230 IM004231 IM004233  
  Our campsite! Heading into town of Marble, pretty carving. Goes with a gorgeous house. Museum building in Marble. Says open 11am to 4pm, and it's 2:20pm. Right.... Locked out, just like last year :-(

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  The Marble Hub - WiFi! Bob could have brought his laptop! Pretty new road signs. We're heading on to Beaver Lake... Beaver dam, on the inlet to Beaver Lake.

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  General Store in Marble. Stocked up onA batteries. Just west of the general store, we missed this last year. Mable blocks! Huge marble blocks, tagged and ready for pickup. WOW there's a lot of them! Marble Mill Site - Looked for this last year and missed it. Very worth a wander through the park just above (north-west) of it!

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  Just down the road, huge block of marble. Photo didn't get the details, but it's a memorial. Marble blocks in the river protecting the bridge pilings. Road up to the actual quarry. Marble blocks everywhere.

  IM004249 IM004250 IM004251 IM004252 IM004253  
  Vic and Bob at the Marble Mill Site. Mill Site Park - VERY worth a tour through! Great sign in the park with all the details of what this site used to be. Can't imagine how huge this place was when they were actively cutting marble here.

  IM004254 IM004255 IM004256 IM004257 IM004258  
  Columns on right were holding up building and cutters. Wooden fence outines what is now an ice rink in winter. Marble column and marble building! Trail leads through the ruins. Concrete floor remains here. Wall in the distance is one of several fire-walls cutting across the original building.

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  Back out of the ruins in the park, nice basketball court. And a movie screen! On the west side of town, the Marble Gallery.

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  Marble, Colorado. Owners of the airstrip Glen and Diane Gallegos. THANKS so much for letting us all fly in! Great bbq dinner Saturday night. Sunset lights up the hills to the east.

  IM004274 IM004275 IM004277 IM004278 IM004279  
  Lots of planes parked to the west (and a few folks drove in and camped out). Row of planes on the north-west side. American flag flying to remember tomorrow, 9/11 Just gorgeous. After the dinner bbq. Thanks to everyone who hauled in tables & chairs, served food, etc.

  IM004280 IM004281 IM004282 IM004283 IM004284  
  Drive-in camping. N40GV N7390K Vic and Paul N2545D

  IM004285 IM004286 IM004287 IM004288 IM004289  
  N1155M N180HY, a pretty pair of Husky's N4469. If you put the tail up on a berm, the floor is level and you can sleep inside your taildragger! Sunday morning breakfast, provided by the awesome Glenwood crew. THANKS! N644VC, a pressurized Cessna 210 from Puerto Rico. Not your typical bush airplane!

  IM004290 IM004291 IM004292 IM004293 IM004294  
  N319SA, a pretty Citabria with the usual starburst color scheme. Breakfast is wonderful. Mel and Taylor at breakfast. N89983, Cessna 140, and it's for sale! 135 hp engine to handle this altitude. N7914V

  IM004295 IM004296 IM004297 IM004298 IM004299  
  N180C. Wanna bet it's a Cessna 180 model C? N8340T N908HP N4978N. CAP folks, remember this plane? East end of the strip, looking west at two planes taxing down for takeoff.

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  Jer/ kicks up a lot of dust just on taxi. Cessna taildragger takes off with a bit of dust. Jer/ climbing out. Lots of dust from Jer/'s takeoff, more planes ready to go. N235WT departing.

  IM004305 IM004306 IM004307 IM004308 IM004310  
  Dust on top of morning dew = mud on the windshields. Now we see why the west end parking was so popular! Paul, Vic, and Bob as we get ready to depart soon. Another gaggle of planes taxi down to the east end for takeoff. Super Cub lifts off way shorter than the nose-pusher Cessnas.

  IM004311 IM004312 IM004313 IM004314 IM004315  
  N180HY taking off. We took off and headed to Glenwood for fuel... Look how dirty our windshield is! Short final at Glenwood Springs. Over the divide, looking back west at Corona Pass.

  IM004316 IM004317 IM004318 IM004320  
  Looking north at Longs Peak area. Looking back at the rocks as we head down to the flatlands - meeting Vic at Longmont for lunch at Diane's Flight Deck Grill.

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