Rally Colorado in Steamboat Springs Colorado - - 2009-09-19

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  Chad, Nicole, George. Jason's crew. Doug and Abby's crew Mary's crew Keith (captain of controls) gestures as he gives us the morning briefing.

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  Eric on the right. Tom and George work Net Control. Who in their right mind would take a brand-new car (with the dealer stickers still on it) and put a rally sticker on the paint? Jeff from Rally America with Car 0. Car 0 runs at rally speed just before first car... these guys have FUN.

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  Media humping their gear onto the stage. Way out there, in the middle of the picture are the media guys. Zoomed in - just left of the dust, you can see the fluorescent vests. Gosh, how long has this been out there? A year? 20 years? Nope, 20 minutes... and one stage. Dusty stage today! This is the timing line equipment at the Flying Finish.

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  Bob talks with 0 car before the stage is opened for rally cars. This is Stage 9 aka Middle Cog 3, and the third stage we worked on Saturday. Jeff from Rally America inspects the control setup. Car coming! Barely visible to the left of the car is the red Flying Finish checkered flag sign... next to that are Ben and Keenan working FF... in the dust.

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  Sue's working the radio and timing log while Jeff observes.

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  White ambulance on left, yellow fire truck on right,and yes there's a rally car in the dust. This car is way too clean! Bob's "day at work", co-driver is hamming it up.

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  Big grin on co-driver's face. Just enough window to get the scorecard through.

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  Reflection of Bob clearly visible.

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  Wow that tire is chewed up! Window doesn't go down, so they have to open the door to get the scorecard to us. Fun!

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  Changing the tire. Car 466 lost its CV-joint on a previous stage. Bob and Sue were leaving Stage 9 finish and stopped to watch and chat. Not one, but TWO impact drills.

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  There's the broken axle. Co-driver lifts the front end. They decide to check the other side as long as the car's already up on jacks.

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  Back in Steamboat Springs at the Parc Expose - a horse and buggy! Driver and co-driver (you can tell by the rolled-down fire suit), both texting away. Coolest car number - 911. Travis Pastrana chats with fans. Sue LOVES this cow.

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  Coolest paint job with lots of iridescent decals. At the Boathouse restaurant, seared ahi tuna and house burger. Both presented beautifully, and REALY good food!

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