Rally Colorado in Steamboat Springs Colorado -- 2009-09-18

Friday was the Practice Stage, and the Media/Sponsor/VIP stage. This was a beautiful out-and-back stage, about 3 miles each way. Bob and Sue worked the turnaround point.

  im001488 im001489 im001490 im001491 im001492  
  Car 466 are fun folks from Oregon, we will run into them again later. Flat tire. What was most amazing was how FAST these guys are at changing the tire! Impact drill helps a lot!

  im001493 im001494 im001495 im001496 im001497  
  Sue's working the radio.

  im001498 im001499 im001500 im001501 im001502  
  Cars coming in the Flying Finish (red sign on left of picture). They're always so shiny going into the race. Ken Block in car 43 with co-driver Gelsomino.

  im001506 im001507 im001508 im001509 im001510  
  Travis Pastrana in car 199 with co-driver Enstrom. Bob on the radio. Bill and Laurie from Florida didn't expect to run into a pro rally today!

  im001511 im001512 im001513 im001514 im001515  
  Bill and Laurie spectate at the start of the practice stage.

  im001516 im001517 im001518 im001519 im001520  
  Lookit that dust!

  im001521 im001522 im001523 im001524 im001525  

  im001526 im001527 im001528 im001529 im001530  

  im001531 im001532 im001533 im001534 im001535  

  im001536 im001537 im001538 im001539 im001540  

  im001541 im001542 im001543 im001544 im001545  

  im001546 im001547 im001549 im001550 im001551  
  There's a car in there... starting up the stage. Media. We've seen the guy on the right at previous rallies. Wow serious flat tire here! They hit a rock.... a big sharp rock.

  im001552 im001553 im001554 im001555 im001556  
  Driver had a passenger not a co-driver so had to change the tire by himself. Bob's thumb reveals the damage.

  im001558 im001559 im001560 im001561 im001562  
  Lesson learned - never leave your impact drill behind, even on the media stage. Can I hitch a ride? All of the ducks are in a row. Dust...

  im001563 im001564 im001565 im001566 im001567  
  And more dust...

  im001568 im001569 im001570 im001571 im001572  
  Dust so thick you can't see through it.

  im001573 im001575 im001576 im001577 im001578  
  Dust is starting to thin.

  im001579 im001581 im001582 im001583 im001584  

  im001585 im001587  
  Had to take a picture of the Tin Man. Tin Man holding a mini-tin-man. We just liked it.

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