Houston Space Center 2009-05-05

Sue and I found ourselves in Houston and decided that it would be fun to tour the Houston Space Center. Truly an amazing piece of history. We didn't take very many pictures and that is okay since this has been depicted so often everyone knows it very well. But there are our snapshots of the day.

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  The entrance is marked by a pair of T-38s. A pair of T-38s. A mockup of the lunar module hangs near the front. The last Saturn V. This used to sit outside but is now housed in a building for it. All of the "moon watches" have been from Omega.

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  Expedition 19's three astronauts and mission patch. Atlantis 125 mission team and mission patch. This historical Houston Mission Control. Amazing history happened in this room. "Houston we have a problem." was addressed to this room. Rocket Park with a Mercury Redstone and Little Joe II. Information on Little Joe II and BP22.

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  It was interesting that the rear of the fin was wide instead of thin like an airfoil. Information on Mercury Redstone. Bob in front of a Saturn V engine. Sue in front of a Saturn V engine. Information on the Saturn V's F-1 Engine.

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  Bob in front of a Saturn 1B engine. Information on the Saturn 1B's J-2 engine. I am sure there was supposed to be a second sign somewhere since it just trailed off like that. But that was the only sign there. The last remaining Saturn V now sits inside a hanger after a preservation effort. It sat outside in the weather for years and was suffering the effects from it. Sue in front of one of the set of five *HUGE* Saturn V F-1 engines at the bottom of the Saturn V rocket.

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