This Cessna 210 suffered complete engine failure. The pilot called MAYDAY on the traffic advisory frequency and asked for assistance and priority for runway 33. Realizing that he wasn't going to make it to the runway he chose to land on a road just South of the airport. The aircraft struck at least three different road signs with the left wing causing significant damage. Both occupants walked away unharmed.

There are really nice smooth landing fields all around. Why didn't the pilot land in the beautiful smooth field next to the road? I don't know. I wasn't that pilot. I would have if I were flying it. I really wanted to land in the field next to him and ask him. Rich and I talked about it. I really wanted to land in the field next to him! But it would just be adding insult to the injury of the wrecked plane. Plus I knew that the County Sheriff would eventually say, "We know why he is here but why are you here?" Not having a better answer than because I wanted to show that the field was the better choice. And because it was fun. In end sanity prevailed and I didn't do it. We just circled around overhead at an altitude that wouldn't get us in trouble.

I was up flying with Rich that day. Rich took all of the flying pictures today. I took the ones later both of the retrieval and after the retrieval in the hangar.

  HPIM1568 HPIM1569 HPIM1570 HPIM1571 HPIM1572  

  HPIM1573 HPIM1574 HPIM1575 HPIM1576 HPIM1577  

  HPIM1578 HPIM1579 HPIM1580 HPIM1581 HPIM1582  

  HPIM1583 HPIM1584 HPIM1585 HPIM1586 HPIM1587  

  HPIM1588 IM000746 IM000747 IM000748 IM000749  

  IM000750 IM000751 IM000752 IM000753 IM000754  

  IM000755 IM000756 IM000757 IM000758 IM000759  

  IM000760 IM000761 IM000762 IM000763 IMG_1918  

  IMG_1919 IMG_1921 IMG_1923 dsc00099 dsc00100  

  dsc00101 dsc00106 dsc00109 dsc00110 dsc00111  

  dsc00112 dsc00113 dsc00114 dsc00115 dsc00116  

  dsc00117 dsc00118 dsc00119 dsc00120 dsc00121  

  dsc00122 dsc00123 dsc00124 dsc00125 dsc00126  

  dsc00127 dsc00128 dsc00130 dsc00131 dsc00132  

  dsc00133 dsc00134 dsc00135 dsc00136 dsc00137  

  dsc00138 dsc00139 dsc00140 dsc00141 dsc00143  

  dsc00144 dsc00163 dsc00164 dsc00167 dsc00172  

  dsc00173 dsc00174 dsc00175 dsc00176 dsc00177  

  dsc00178 dsc00179 dsc00180 dsc00193 dsc00194  

  dsc00195 dsc00196 dsc00197 dsc00198 dsc00199  

  dsc00212 dsc00213 dsc00243 dsc00245 dsc00246  

  dsc00247 dsc00248 dsc00249 dsc00250 dsc00251  

My passenger Rich took a large number of pictures. Let me call your attention to three in particular as an overall summary.

[Earliest] This is the earliest picture within minutes of the landing.

[Best Closeup] This is the best quality close in view.

[Where] This is shows the airport runway numbers for runway 33 in the frame and shows the relationship to the runway.

1m23s AVI file 29M: Cockpit video from my C140 overhead taken by my passenger showing relationship between road and runway. SOUND CAUTION: I haven't adjusted the sound level and this is raw recording of the loud cockpit sounds. I suggest you quiet your speakers before playing.

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