Pinot Wrecked -- 2008-05-23

Ann has had terrible misfortune with her cars. Yet again her car is wrecked through no fault of her own. The Windsor tornado really devastated the area and Ann's car "Pinot" took a hard hit. And therefore once again Ann's car is quite wrecked. If the last one was an act of drunk driver (the other driver was drunk) this one was clearly an act of god event.

Fortunately Ann was not injured. She and others were at work and took shelter while the tornado removed part of the building's roof. I haven't heard the whole story yet and so that is all that I know.

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  Back window smashed out. Side window bashed out. Side mirror broken. Glass in the back seat.

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  The roof is smashed in. Rolled over? Tree? Other debris? Glass in the back hatch area. A truck that was also in the tornado.

Link to Ann's previous car wreck.

Photos by Bob Proulx, official photographer for all of Ann's Wrecked Cars.

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