Opossums Under the Porch

Lauri writes...

Heather found this little critter caught under the back porch in the chicken wire that is supposed to keep the critters out from under the kitchen crawl space. (It doesn't.) But this little one tried to go through the chicken wire instead of around it like her mother. Her head got through but her body didn't but then she couldn't get her head out either. Ears too big.

I had to crawl under the porch and rescue her. She ended up with a collar of chicken wire. I took her to Lakeside Nature Center where they help wild animals. It took three people to cut her loose and she only had a bit of a bruise on the top of her neck. They asked if I wanted to release her back where she came. At first I thought "No" but then I thought "Why not?" Her mother and siblings are still in the kitchen crawl space and they even have a bigger hole to how go in and out of. So she got to go home. Yes, it's a she because they checked at Lakeside. I have named her Simone.

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Bob wants Lauri to put in a “PossumCam” now!

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