House Roofing 2007-12-12

The time has finally come to replace our wood shake roof. I have been keeping a close eye on it every year. It has held up great. But very recently it has started to show signs of deteriation. I contracted with a roofing company to do the replacement. Of course it is winter and it has snowed but those crazy guys are used to the Colorado weather and are going to work through it!

  IM002805 IM002806 IM002807 IM002808 IM002809  

  IM002810 IM002811 IM002812 IM002813 IM002814  

  IM002815 IM002816 IM002817 IM002818 IM002819  

  IM002820 IM002821 IM002822 IM002823 IM002824  

  IM002825 IM002826 IM002827 IM002828 IM002829  

  IM002830 IM002831 IM002832 IM002833 IM002834  

  IM002835 IM002836 IM002837 IM002838 IM002839  

  IM002840 IM002841 IM002842 IM002843 IM002844  

  IM002845 IM002846 IM002847 IM002848 IM002849  

  IM002850 IM002851 IM002852 IM002853 IM002854  

  IM002855 IM002856 IM002857 IM002858 IM002859  

  IM002860 IM002861 IM002862 IM002863 IM002864  

  IM002865 IM002866 IM002867 IM002868 IM002869  

  IM002870 IM002871 IM002872 IM002873 IM002874  

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